Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine's Day!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here we are in our Valentine attire!

Daddy's Valentine Bear

Daddy's Valentine Bear, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

February 13th ... that's our Valentine's Day. Daddy proposed to me on this day, so that's when we do our thing. Normally, we don't do a whole lot, maybe go out to eat. This year with Daddy away, I didn't think we'd do much. Well, I was pleasantly surprised. Our good friend Vanessa Junio made sure we had a day to remember. She was into some secret planning with Brad for weeks. So, the doorbell rings (I'm in my pjs, hair in ugly pigtail & my glasses on) & there in the blowing snowstorm is Vanessa with the video camera going! That will be some scary footage! Luckily, Abby was dressed in a cute heart outfit! Brad had bought (with Vanessa's help) a locket & necklace for me. He had sent Abby a bear that rolls into a ball all the way from Iraq. If you have any ideas for a name, let us know! Abby LOVES her new bear. Daddy made us feel extra special from so far away. It's so good to have friends like Vanessa! What a special day!

I HATE the snow!

I HATE the snow!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

It has been snowing lots over the past week. Well, on this day, Papaw Chuck was going to the Blues hockey game with Uncle Ben. So when he left, I was shovelling the driveway. He helped me put you in your snow clothes ... not good. You screamed & would not put your legs down. It wasn't very happy & Mommy didn't get to finish the driveway! I told you that your daddy is from CO & you should probably learn to like snow! This will put a big damper on skiing!

I gave myself an ouchy!

I gave myself an ouchy!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This happened on a Sunday morning ... if you went to church with me, you wouldn't be surprised; I think the latest we have been is 30 minutes! Sunday morning always makes me a little nervous -- we have had some pretty weird things happen. Most of them funny, but this was one of the bad ones. Abby decided she would try to climb the railing to the stairs ... needless to say, I didn't get there in time. She had another scrape up by her eye. Mark my word; this girl will be on the Xgames some day!

Talking to Daddy!

Talking to Daddy!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here is Abby talking to Daddy on the phone. She doesn't say much, just a lot of "hi, Daddy" over & over. I have figured out that if I tell her to yell, she'll say more, go figure. It's good though ... sometimes the connection isn't great, so he probably can't tell! Isn't her shirt cute?

In the Stroller

In the Stroller, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby is in the dolly stroller. She only popped the wheel about 4 times before giving up!

Can you tell I'm trying to get away with something?

This is so totally Abby. She is looking cute, but I can tell that she's up to something. See the can in her hand? She has Indy's training can ... nothing quite like a little doggy torture!

Send them to Daddy!

Send them to Daddy!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We did decorate them ... that helped some!

Cookies with GG B

Cookies with GG B, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

GG Biehler had a great idea to make cookies for Daddy. Abby was very into it, but she was a lot faster than we were. We had to do animal surgery ... lots of half animals! :) Hopefully they were edible, Daddy!

Make baby safe ...

Make baby safe ..., originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby is obsessed with "make baby safe" ... thanks Gramma Lene! I owe you one. Anyway, I shouldn't complain, it gave her something to do on our way to & from CO. She played with the seatbelt for a good 45 minutes both ways!

Pigtails with Papaw Chuck

Pigtails with Papaw Chuck, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby asks for pigtails now. I think it's because the girls at the YMCA think she looks so cute in them. They told me she looks like Boo from Monsters, Inc. :)

You can't see me!

You can't see me!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This is Abby's new thing. She is not excited about me taking her picture, so she closes her eyes, so I can't see her! Well, last week, she ran into the wall ... it was really hard not to laugh!

Mmmm ... apple

Mmmm ... apple, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here's Abby trying to eat her first full apple!

My New Outfit

My New Outfit, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This outfit gets tons of compliments! I think Abby knows she looks cute in it! Thanks, Gibby!


Cousins!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Okay, Abby loves & talks about all 3 of her cousins, but she is especially fond of Parker! I think the feeling is mutual! She just lights up when he's around. Abby & Maddy played so well together this time ... Abby is the one having 'sharing issues' now!

Abby & Hunter

Abby & Hunter, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This was on New Year's Eve ... whew, we're quite the partiers! Abby loved, loved, loved playing with her cousins. Here, she & Hunter are doing something interesting!

Grandpa Daddy

Grandpa Daddy, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby loves her Grandpa Daddy ... it was very cute! She would talk about him even when he wasn't there. :)

p.s. I wish I would have fixed all the pictures before I put them on here! Sorry for all of Abby's red eyes!

Fudge & the PINK piano!

Fudge & the PINK piano!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Can you tell we're at Gibby & Grandpa Daddy's? The fudge in Abby's hand while playing the piano should clue you in! Abby loves her new piano ... she especially likes to play Twinkle Twinkle.

I love my Unca Ben

I love my Unca Ben, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

I think it's so great that Abby loves her Uncle Ben so much. It's a wonderful feeling to have him come over to watch her & she says, "bye Mommy!" without a care! There are many good things about living 20 mnutes away from Uncle Ben -- my favorite is the time we've been able to spend with him.

Hey Obedeen

Hey Obedeen, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby loves her new friend! It serves a dual purpose ... you can ride it & torture Indy with it!

Abby's Christmas Morning

Abby's Christmas Morning, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby was a lot more into Christmas this year. She loved all her new toys ... it was fun that she wanted to play with everything once she opened it! We were opening presents into the afternoon. :)

Abby trying to steal Santa's cookies

We put out the reindeer food in the yard & then put out Santa's cookies. We were going to do cookies & beer, but she didn't get it, so we just put out cookies! The boys needed a beer after we opened the box to put the kitchen together! No more toys like that until Daddy comes home!

Mommy & Abby

Mommy & Abby, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Well, we tried to go to church for our Christmas Eve candle light service. It was not fun. Abby is VERY loud ... she has been since birth, so it's not a big shocker! After we heard, "more God, more God" & "baby Jesus" & my favorite (that happened during a longer prayer) "all done, all done praying" we decided to leave. So, we drove 40 minutes roundtrip to be there for about 15 minutes! :) We're now spending time each day praticing being quiet. Fun times.

Helping Indy with his Buster Cube

Those of you that have dogs with extra energy probably know what a Buster Cube is. Indy got his for Christmas ... he has hidden it now. I can't wait to see where I find it!

Bye Bye Daddy

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bye Bye Daddy, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Well, we got to walk Daddy all the way to the gate! Abby was so excited to see all the airplanes. It was good because at least on some level she understands what is going on. She knows that Daddy got on an airplane & went to Iraq. Abby says "Daddy, Iraq."

Indy on my princess chair

Indy on my princess chair, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This drives Abby nuts! It makes me laugh that she gets so upset over it. She absolutely HATES that Indy loves to sit in her princess chair. He tries to sit in it any chance he gets!

Playing the piano with GG B

Playing the piano with GG B, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here's where the fun begins! I already uploaded all these pics earlier, so it's another try! I usually don't have too many problems, but I had to take a Benadryl & it's pretty much like drugs for me. I just hope I'm coherent enought to teach Sunday School in the morning! This is Abby with her GG Biehler ... she LOVES the piano & has to play one if she sees it!

Thanksgiving in Shelbyville

Thanksgiving in Shelbyville, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up! So, I'll put some highlight pics out. Abby & I were both sick with the stomach bug right before Brad got home from CST. SO, he was home for 10 days & we were not in good shape for the first 3. Then, we had an ice storm right after we got back from Shelbyville! Fun, fun. Very memorable! This pic was taken downtown Shelbyville with Mich & J. We were going on a horse drawn carriage ride. :) Yep. Shelbyville might be small, but they have some fun stuff. Abby LOVED the horse, Obedeen (sp?) & she now calls all horses that.


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Changing things up ...

Well, I guess I have to figure out a new system! I am now going to do updates to this blog ... I messed up the other one! Sorry I am so behind. I'll get some new photos up ASAP -- Abby is such a big girl now. She'll be 2 before we know it! You can still find the original blog at: