Saturday, December 15, 2007

IT SNOWED!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We went outside while Daddy was shoveling the first batch of snow off! Abby got in her little pink sled & Daddy pulled her down the road. Very cute! If I can figure out how to add the video, I'll do that later on!
Love, The 4Js

The PINK Boots

The PINK Boots, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Enough said...

The new snow face...

The new snow face..., originally uploaded by brookiej1.

She cracks me up! She decided to like the snow...hahaha. That means she is willing to put all the clothes on & stand outside. She will not actually walk in it!


Friday, December 14, 2007

TAKE MY PICTURE!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Have I created a monster???

Abby is now requesting to have her picture taken! "Take our picture, Mommy!" She still doesn't like to pose on command, but maybe we'll get there!

Indy Dog & Abby

Indy Dog & Abby, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby rarely wants her picture taken, but she asked me to take this one! Too cute!

Don't we look alike?

Don't we look alike?, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This is Daddy & Abby at the USO Santa Express. We had a fun morning...Abby got to see Santa & Mrs. Claus. She asked for a BIG dollhouse!! The USO was wonderful to provide this special event & the kids had a great time. We're just so happy Daddy is home this year!

Quick Update...

Hi all! We went for the follow-up news yet. I wish I could say that's because they would call if something were wrong; I'm not 100% sure that would happen! We will go back on Monday for my next dr appointment, so I'll report then.

It's supposed to snow tonight, so we're gearing up for that. I still need to get to the grocery store so we'll have food! Indy LOVES the snow & Abby has decided she will like it this year. It may have something to do with the pink snow boots...I'm not sure. Either way, we'll be wearing the boots! :) Abby is really into all the Christmas stuff this year. She talked me into getting candy canes that light up -- Daddy put them out front, so we're all set!

We're still working on getting our Christmas letter done & then the guy who is doing the drywall in our basement gets here tomorrow at 7 am. We will have plenty to do if we're snowed in!

Bye for now,

Christmas Preparations

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dr. Appointment Monday

Hi all!
We are doing great! Mommy is getting bigger by the minute...this baby sure likes to eat! :) It's amazing how much there is to do in December. It seems like every time I turn around, we are getting another email with yet another invite to something! We have 2 cookies exchanges & at least 2 Christmas parties coming up. Whew.

The main reason I am posting is that we have our follow-up ultrasound on Monday. The radiologist wanted to see the baby's kidneys again, so please keep that in your prayers. We are not anxious, but we will be happy to go back and have the doctor review the ultrasound! Now I have to tell them that we still don't want to know the sex. BUT I WANT TO KNOW! :P Well, part of me does & part of me likes the surprise. Abby is just excited to have a baby brother or sister. She is practicing like crazy.

I'll try to get some of our holiday pics up...we tried to take our family shot last weekend. My dad did the best he could. I had to crop out my big rear & Abby's pink slipper boots! Fun times. This is all while we paused the Bears game & tried to get Indy to act normal!!

Bye for now,
The Johnson 4

The Newest Johnson

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Newest Johnson, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Well, we had our ultrasound on Monday! It was so exciting to see the baby. It is such a miraculous thing to see how much is already formed. The x-ray tech asked if we wanted to know the sex & Brad said it was up to me. So, I didn't find out. I figured if we felt strongly about finding out, then we would. SO, to the dismay of some loved ones...this little Johnson's sex will be discovered the good old fashioned way!

Snuggling Before Bed

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Snuggling Before Bed, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

And we're off to bed...good night all. Mommy is going to try & stay up from here! We'll see how it goes. :)

Abby's SUPER Cute PJs

Abby's SUPER Cute PJs, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby is snuggling with Boz before bed...she didn't have too much of a candy high! She only had 2 pieces, so we'll just have to keep it at that! She loves these pjs (Auntie Beth, Uncle Jeff, Mich & J gave them to her) -- she also got witch underwear from them. I have a feeling we'll be wearing these all winter long! :)

The Take

The Take, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Well, she did okay! I'm not sure what to do with it all...she is so funny & wants to eat it for breakfast. We'll have to hide part of it or just throw it out! Abby didn't know to get Mommy a baby Twix, so next year, she'll have to try harder! :) hahaha. Just what Mommy needs!

Trick or Treating at Our House!

Trick or Treating at Our House!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

The last house on the stop...OURS!

Queen Bee

Queen Bee, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby woke up from her nap & wanted to go trick or treating! So needless to say, she was EXCITED! Daddy said he had to carry her about 95% of the way! I don't think he minded. He missed Halloween last year, so he took her out walking around & Mommy stayed home to hand the candy out.


Leaving, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

And they're off ...

The Trick or Treaters!

The Trick or Treaters!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here they are looking all cute before they head out to get the loot! Abby has been practicing her bumble bee noise & she's ready. Now Brad taught her to say what kind of bee she is...the QUEEN bee! :)

Jack O' Lantern Pizza

Jack O' Lantern Pizza, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We started out with our special Halloween pizza from Papa Murphey's ... it was yummy & easy! Good way to start our big night!

HAHAHA...Grandma Lene the Golf Pro

There are many reasons this picture is humerous. First off, Grandma Lene has never played golf in her life! Okay, I take that back...she has played putt putt, but she's not exactly a pro. The part I like best is Uncle Ben coming in from the side to help out! He won't let Grandma wreck your golf swing -- not even this young! No worries!

The Worm & Papa

The Worm & Papa, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We thought Abby might touch the worm. HAHAHA. What were we thinking? Maybe next year! She did think it was pretty cool...only when Papa was holding it!

No Fear

No Fear, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Mommy did not do a very good job of getting a picture of this slide. You should see how big it was. There was a little boy quite a bit older than Abby who started to cry about 1/2 way up. Not Abby. She couldn't get her footing, so the guy running it took her socks off & up she went. It was crazy. She made it up better than Mommy would have! I fully expected to have to go up with her, but she trucked right up. It's wild to see what she does without hesitation and what she won't do for anything!

Abby's Punkin

Abby's Punkin, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby found her special punkin (as she calls it!). She has found about 4 total now!! Daddy carved 2 and Abby painted 2 -- then there's one that we didn't do anything with! She sure likes to go to the pumpkin patch! The tractor ride IS pretty fun!

Goat Feeding @ Eckert's

Goat Feeding @ Eckert's, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby loves the goats, but she's not real keen on actually feeding them. The last time we were there, one nibbled on Daddy, so it'll probably be a while before she feels the urge to give it a try!

GG Jane's 80th Birthday Breakfast

On our trip to Chicago, we also celebrated GG's big birthday! We had a big dinner (thanks Uncle Jeff) of ribs and lots of good food Sunday night. Then, we went to a yummy breakfast place (Egg Hatch) & had a fun breakfast before we headed out to our separate homes. We had a lot of fun seeing everyone & wish we could do it more often.

Daddy's Chicago Marathon!!

Daddy's Chicago Marathon!!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Whew. This was one heck of a day. Mommy, Abby & Grandma got stuck on the train for an extra 45 minutes in order to help another train. Then we totally missed finding Daddy at the halfway point! The big factor was the weather. Last year, when Mommy ran the marathon, it was 20 degrees with the wind chill...this year, it was in the 90's with the heat index. What a nightmare. They actually called the marathon. Daddy was past the point that they made people stop, but it was scary. We couldn't find him & we ran to see look for him. We figured out that we probably walked about 6 miles (at least!) -- with no food or drink. Nothing like running through the streets of Chicago pregnant! :) Daddy finished the race & we were so proud of him. More importantly, he finished it safely. He will probably do another one someday because this one was so weird, but no matter what, he finished this one! We love him very much & are so proud of his accomplishment. It's an amazing experience.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

BIG SIS IN TRAINING, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby's exciting news! She will have a new brother or sister sometime around March 26th (hopefully a week or so early like she was!). We are all excited!

The BIG Annoucement!

The BIG Annoucement!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby has something to tell you ...

Cereal with Papa

Cereal with Papa, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby digs out all the dried fruit from Papa's cereal. I don't think he minds. :)

Hannah & Abby

Hannah & Abby, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here we are at Ron's party ...

Mommy & Auntie Sar

Mommy & Auntie Sar, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

GG Biehler's 82nd Birthday!

GG Biehler's 82nd Birthday!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Back to Illinois! We headed to Shelbyville to celebrate GG's 80th birthday. It was very fun. They also celebrated our 6th anniversary -- with a cake, so Abby was very happy!

Water fun!

Water fun!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

The girls went to try & find the Farmer's Market. So, the boys took the kids and went to play in the water. Looks like they had fun!

Cousin Cuties!

Cousin Cuties!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This is a favorite picture of ours. :) They look too cute. We went to eat at Red Top after the zoo & here they are looking cozy in the booth!

Abby & Parker

Abby & Parker, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Now this relationship has been really special from the beginning. There's just something so sweet about these two together. Abby talks about Parker like he lives down the street & he seems to think Abby is pretty special too. It's fun to see them together! Not sure how long this will last, but we'll enjoy every minute while it does.

Holding Hands

Holding Hands, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

It's so cute to see them together now that they are both a little older. They play together really well most of the time. Abby thinks that Maddy is really cool now & Maddy is happy that Abby doesn't put everything in her mouth now! I think they will be good friends.

Maddy & Abby

Maddy & Abby, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here we are at the zoo! Abby loves any zoo, any place! This one is especially cool because you get to feed the giraffes. Here are the princesses, ready to be carted around the zoo!

4th of July

4th of July, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We headed to CO Springs from Wyoming ... Abby thought it was sad to leave Conner & Avery. Conner brought her a couple of bags of fruit snacks for the car & she thought that was pretty great! We got to the Springs in just enough time to celebrate the 4th. Abby got to go swimming with her cousins and then we had a great meal at Branon & Heather's. Abby was sleeping during the fireworks ... probably a good thing because she doesn't really like loud noises. Here she is eating all of Uncle Branon's blueberries off of his dessert!

Can you see her at 16?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

IMG_0944, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

The Kiddos

IMG_0945, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Avery has no fear ...

Bathing Beauty

IMG_0939, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby & Daddy at the lake

IMG_0938, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We went to the lake with the Degels ... it was fun. Abby hates sand, but as long as Daddy held her in the water or she was on the towel, all was well.

Trampoline Girl

IMG_0927, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Swimming with the Degels

IMG_0911, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We had so much fun visiting with Christopher, Amanda, Conner, and Avery ... oh, and don't forget Quincy & Chandler. We definitely realized it would be fun to live closer to these guys! They were good sports & put us up for quite a few nights. The food, drink & company was great and we look forward to doing it again! Come see us in IL! :)

Aunt Judy, Abby & Uncle Jim

IMG_0905, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Our Little Family

IMG_0902, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

River Fun

IMG_0900, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Another fun thing about Judy & Jim's ... there is a river that Abby could throw things into -- just rocks & sticks, people. Their home was absolutely beautiful & they even have a cute little guest cottage. It was so much fun that we got to stop by and see them!

It's LADY!

IMG_0878, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Oh my ... who was happier? Brad or Abby? Daddy couldn't believe that they still had Lady & Abby was so excited to see a horse! Abby's ride didn't last long, but it was memorable!