Dr. Appointment Monday

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hi all!
We are doing great! Mommy is getting bigger by the minute...this baby sure likes to eat! :) It's amazing how much there is to do in December. It seems like every time I turn around, we are getting another email with yet another invite to something! We have 2 cookies exchanges & at least 2 Christmas parties coming up. Whew.

The main reason I am posting is that we have our follow-up ultrasound on Monday. The radiologist wanted to see the baby's kidneys again, so please keep that in your prayers. We are not anxious, but we will be happy to go back and have the doctor review the ultrasound! Now I have to tell them that we still don't want to know the sex. BUT I WANT TO KNOW! :P Well, part of me does & part of me likes the surprise. Abby is just excited to have a baby brother or sister. She is practicing like crazy.

I'll try to get some of our holiday pics up...we tried to take our family shot last weekend. My dad did the best he could. I had to crop out my big rear & Abby's pink slipper boots! Fun times. This is all while we paused the Bears game & tried to get Indy to act normal!!

Bye for now,
The Johnson 4