We Are Home

Friday, February 27, 2009

That's really all I've got. MUCH more to follow, but must rest first.

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Sink or Swim?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swim lessons strike fear in my heart. It's not because I don't know how to swim. It's not because I'm overly frightened to watch my daughter learn to swim. It's the getting there. Then, it's the being there. Two days a week, I have to get my crew ready and out the door to be at swim lessons by 9:45. It has yet to happen.

All you haughty moms who can't believe I just said that, you better stop reading now.

Sometimes we walk, sometimes we drive...it really makes no difference. It's all about the DRAMA. Abby doesn't want to wear a particular swim suit. Or she doesn't want to wear a bathing suit at all. Or she doesn't want to go. Or the baby is still sleeping. Or the baby is cranky, angry & has been screaming for an hour (which means Mommy is still in HER pajamas).

So we get there 15 minutes+ late and Abby gets into the pool. Then, I have to listen to 45 minutes (oh wait, it's only 30 b/c we're 15 minutes late!) of various forms of my name--with chattering teeth & dramatic shivering...

"where is my mommy"
"Mommy, come over by me"

...you get the idea. That is fun stuff. I'm sure it's even more fun for Ms. Charlene to listen to.

But this week was even more exciting than usual. Abby was using a noodle...BY HERSELF. For any of you that are aware of Abby's fear of the water, you know this is an amazing occurrence. She doesn't even like to shower because of the water getting on her face. One of the things that is helping her is that the other kids in her class are pretty calm in the water. On top of that, her good buddy Ella is in it, and that is the best part. Ella is getting to be a really good swimmer, so Abby is a little braver.

Notice the noodle position in this picture??
Well, the next moment, Abby was under water. Yep, there I am taking pictures & my big girl is sinking. I set my camera down & ran over because I KNEW this was going to be bad. She came up FREAKED OUT. Wow. An even better day at swimming than usual! She got out & calmed down...I just knew she needed to get back in. IF she didn't I'm not sure we would've been back to swim lessons. So, Ella came over & we talked Ab back in. She was back on the noodle, but NO HORSEY RIDING!

After that, I bought her some crappy snack out of the vending machine. Fun morning. The upside...I don't have to be in my swim suit for big girl lessons! :)

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More Baby Fun!

So, do you think we should lower the crib again?

I walked in to check on something in Bek's room right after I put her to bed. She was standing up holding onto the mobile & leaning/peering over the edge at something.

She seems all sweet in this picture, but it's an act. She doesn't WANT me to lower it...she knows I'm gonna ruin her fun.

These two are going to be years of fun!

Plans for tomorrow...
1. Remove crib bumper
2. Lower crib
3. PACK FOR GUAM! Oh you heard me, pack for the warm weather & beach!! Of course, 6 mommies & 12 kids might be a little more than we're bargaining for, but we're not afraid. Wait, are we? Should we be?

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Sweet Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yes, these are more homemade doughnuts. I didn't eat any. YOU can stop laughing now. I did have a couple, but I have been off sugar for 3 days & it's better than doughnuts. I don't know if I mean that or if I am delusional from lack of sugar!

I really do think I feel better though.

This is what sugar can do...

This is a hint of things to come...Beks checking out the dog food container

I was working on the computer while Bekah played on the floor. Noticing things had gotten eerily quiet, I turned around to see what she was up to. Well, she was chewing on a big mouthful of something & drooling all over! As Daddy says, I freaked out and went running over to dig whatever it was out of her mouth. I scooped out her mouth & out came 3 pieces of dog food. She was playing with the Buster Cube and managed to get a little snack for herself! Mommy missed a piece, so Daddy went in for it. She really let him have it...that's what the tears are all about!
Supervising the bracket installation...quite the supervising skills at such a young age!
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The Many Adventures of Bekah

Wow...once Beks took off, she REALLY took off. I was in her room putting some clean laundry away (miracle that it is) & turned around to THIS! You're kidding me. She had one foot on the giraffe & one on the jack-in-the-box. Is she trying to give me a heart attack?

Look at me...I'm going to get Mickey! At least she looks stylish in her new cow babylegs. :)

I missed out on a video & trust me, it was funny. Beks would go up to the bakers rack & grab on to the wine rack portion with 2 hands! She would then proceed to shake it violently. Glasses clanged together. The entire piece of furniture looked a little scary moving around. SO, Daddy came home & a bracket was in place immediately. Personally, I think the answer would've been to just fill up the wine rack with a variety of nice wines, but apparently, that wasn't the BEST idea.
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Bunny Bunny & Beks

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Beks didn't take a paci or find her thumb or fingers, BUT she has a lovey. Her best buddy is Bunny Bunny. It is making life a little more interesting. She is crawling all over and pulling up like crazy, so dragging this friend around takes some work. Daddy didn't put BB in bed with her one afternoon & she let him have it!

Pretty sweet though...

Yes, Abby is actually giving Bekah the time of day!

Video of the event...

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So a FUNNY thing happened today...

Monday, February 9, 2009

When Brad plays his little games and starts working weird shifts, I bake & he takes the goodies into work. This has been a very successful activity & fun for Abby. Until now.

Once upon a time, I made Brad's favorite cookies, Oatmeal Yummies (recipe from his mom), and his co-workers liked them. So, they request them during these exciting & fun-filled nights. My neighbor (YIPEE...I finally have a neighbor with a small child!), Charlotte, came over to borrow a bowl. My Midge & I started the cookies while continuing to talk to Charlotte. After she leaves, I then call my friend Melanie to ask her a question...all the while, I was passing my little helper ingredients to dump in. Brad steps in to put the cookies on the sheets & into the oven. He asks if it looked right and if everything was in it. "OF COURSE everything is in it," I respond. It didn't looke quite right, but after all, I was multi-tasking!

I start to check the cookies. Something is terribly wrong. They are all running into each other & are precariously close to the sides of the cookie sheets. Hmm. Then, I actually thought, "why did Brad put them so close together. This is not going to be good."

Brad comes back into the room & he notices smoke coming from the oven. I quickly hang up on Melanie when I have to grab the cookies and run outside with them. I was not going to be responsible for clearing the building out. As I come back in from taking the cookies out on the balcony, I notice the oven has a small fire in it. WHAT?! I start to freak & ask Brad what we should do. He calmly opens the door & blows the fire out. Good thing that one of us is the calm, rational type.

I then have to calm Midge down because she has not enjoyed all the yelling (me) and freaking (me again). Oh, and the fire...she didn't like that, not one bit!

Trying to figure out what went wrong, it hit me. No flour. You read that right -- I forgot to put in the flour & it was not good. Actually, the one big cookie it made was quite tasty. :) The best part is that I kept thinking Brad had something to do with it! HA. He has been telling me frequently that I need to focus and try to do one thing at a time. Hmmm...what do you think?

At least I can laugh about it. So here it is...

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Just for fun and because my loyal readers back in IL (specifically at the courthouse!) are complaining about my lack of updates.

Abby has a way with words...I have a pad of paper that I try to write things down in so that I don't forget. Here are a few of the really funny ones from the last few months:

December 2008 -- Abby told Grandma Lene to call her "chocklick" (she also says "Piglick" for Piglet), so Grandma said, "nice to meet you, Chocklick" & Abby said, "nice to meet you, Cracker." Yes, it still makes me almost cry because I'm laughing so hard.

January 2009 -- Abby was at her weekly playdate. While the other mom was on a skype phone call back to the states, Abby walks up and yells, "Get me some food, lady."
(proud mothering moment there...just the way I taught her!)

February 2009 (this morning to be exact) -- Brad went to get Abby when she woke up early. She was laying in bed with us talking (because what else would she be doing???), and wanted to know how long she would live with us. I said it would be quite a while...but someday, she would go to college & get married. She got very quiet and in a little trembling voice on the verge of tears said, "I'm scared to get married. I'm worried." Well, THAT is good to know!

That's all for now. I'll take more pictures people. I am really trying to do a scrapbook page a day, so get off my back! :)

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Don't Try This at Home...

Crazy baby antics meet good parenting...HA

Yes, I did catch her before she injured herself...she's a fast little daredevil though!

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