Friday, February 6, 2009

Just for fun and because my loyal readers back in IL (specifically at the courthouse!) are complaining about my lack of updates.

Abby has a way with words...I have a pad of paper that I try to write things down in so that I don't forget. Here are a few of the really funny ones from the last few months:

December 2008 -- Abby told Grandma Lene to call her "chocklick" (she also says "Piglick" for Piglet), so Grandma said, "nice to meet you, Chocklick" & Abby said, "nice to meet you, Cracker." Yes, it still makes me almost cry because I'm laughing so hard.

January 2009 -- Abby was at her weekly playdate. While the other mom was on a skype phone call back to the states, Abby walks up and yells, "Get me some food, lady."
(proud mothering moment there...just the way I taught her!)

February 2009 (this morning to be exact) -- Brad went to get Abby when she woke up early. She was laying in bed with us talking (because what else would she be doing???), and wanted to know how long she would live with us. I said it would be quite a while...but someday, she would go to college & get married. She got very quiet and in a little trembling voice on the verge of tears said, "I'm scared to get married. I'm worried." Well, THAT is good to know!

That's all for now. I'll take more pictures people. I am really trying to do a scrapbook page a day, so get off my back! :)

Boggy love,


Anonymous said...

Oh, that "cracker" comment still makes me tear up, too! Glad to hear she's a little scared about getting married. Smart girl!! Thanks for the update. Get the scrapbook page done now. :) Is it Bek's 1st year book?? Mom

Anna said...

I love that 'Get me some food, lady!' Did that work? If it did I'm totally going to try it.

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Little Bean said...

Oh, I miss Abby-girl! Tell her William likes to yell at adults,too. The other day, he yelled at one of the grocery store workers, "Hey, what's your name, Kid?" I almost wet my pants. Must be the age.