fun with grace!

Monday, September 28, 2009

While Grace's mommy went to volunteer at the Thrift Shop...

the girls had all sorts of fun!

Abby likes to read to Grace--she told me she would be Grace's teacher & I could be Bekah's.
Imagine that!

Not one of her better plans...but oh so Bekah!
But Mom, it's safe. I don't have my baby in it...

And their most favorite activity...DANCING!
{Abby got really into this song when we were at Pawpaw & Grandma's!}

Bloggy love,

we could walk there!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can you see it?

This is the view of the City Museum from my brother's (aka UB's)...

We had such a great time in St. Louis!
Uncle Ben's loft is right by the City Museum...
We LOVE it there!

Beks & UB on one of the fun slides
Wow, Daddy looks like he's having some fun!

Grandma was waiting her turn!

We wrapped up our IL/MO part of the adventure in grand style.
Thanks to UB for letting us all crash at his place.
It was fun & so much less stressful than putting the girlies in a hotel room with us!!

Just think, we'll be back to go to another Card's game in 10 months!

Bloggy love,

fun @ uncle ben's

Monday, September 21, 2009

Uncle Ben had a project for Daddy to do...

it even included a trip to HOME DEPOT.

Daddy's trip was made complete by this one visit to the big HD.
We call it withdrawal, I believe!

Looking good...
that's one thing I really love about my hubby.
Our neighbors back in IL used to be amazed by all his projects.
Let me tell you,
he can do it all.
He does all our home improvements & repairs himself.
If it were up to me, we'd have lots of good ideas...
oh, and piles! :)
Abby & Pawpaw...I had forgotton how good he is at drawing.
Hmmm, wonder how that missed me.
That, and the guitar playing, piano playing, writing... :)

Bloggy love,

twinkle twinkle...bekah's a star

Thursday, September 17, 2009

While big sister Abby was at AWANA last night,
here's what the other two girlies did...

Bloggy love,

it's an audible...and we're not talking about football!

Haven't blogged in a while & can't believe I'm coming back with this story!

This week has been CRAZY.
Good crazy, but crazy nonetheless.

Flower market, start of: PWOC Bible study, MOPS & OSC.
Whew. I'm just tired typing it all out!

Well, I volunteered to bring scones on Tuesday AND Wednesday.
Scones aren't hard, but by Wednesday
I was darn tired.

My dear friend Charlotte graciously offered to take the girls yesterday morning so I could head to the church for setup.
I was running back & forth to her house with various things for the girls.
Indy was not in his crate.

Do you see where this is going yet?
Well, he ATE half a batch of scones. It makes 40.
Let's just say that at that moment, I was happy to be home alone.

Fast forward to this morning...
at 5:37
Brad & I both sat up in bed.

Some strange noise had woken us up.
It was LOUD.
So, Brad gets up and goes over to our bedroom door.
He listens and walks out into the hall...

"Oh my's Indy. He's out here having horrible gas!"

Our dog's gas woke us up.
At 5:37 A.M.

Brad gets dressed quickly and heads outside with Indy.
He comes back in laughing his head off.
I guess that Indy couldn't figure out what was going on.
Not to be too graphic, but let's just say it was explosive!!
Poor guy. Well, sort of...

Maybe he'll learn his lesson?

I'm baack...bloggy love,

we just had to do this...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We were so excited to have tickets for a Cardinals' game while back in the states!
Thanks Uncle Ben!
What was even crazier is that we had a baby-sitter for Bekah!
GO us.
I had asked UB almost jokingly, if he knew anyone who might babysit.
Well, he mentioned it to a guy he works with & what do you know...we had a sitter.
That is so unlike us.
Daddy gave it the thumbs down, at first.
Then, after processing,
he gave it the thumbs up.
Mommy's turn to freak out a bit.
I told myself if I had a bad vibe, we'd be taking Beks or I would stay home.
she was awesome.
Nursing student. Home from college.
Sweet, sweet girl.
We RAN out the door.
Actually, Ben sent Brad to the wrong pizza place first.
We were pretty happy about it though.
The real pizza place was on the WRONG side of town.
That's why they asked Brad if he was sure he wanted to pick it up!
They went in the car to retrieve our pizzas through bars on the window! :)

Our very own Molina & his biggest fan!
Nope...not there for the All Star game. They just had all the signs up!
Abby couldn't tired
UB, Abs & Daddy
All's due to the amount of snacking & drinks
we had a rain delay.
A LONG one.
Abby & Mommy
(and our new friend who used her cell phone the ENTIRE game!)
Cotton candy...
Margarita tasting... :)
Rainy & dreary
The boys are intensely watching...

She made it until almost midnight!
Rain delay & all!
Bloggy love,

a mommy & her stroller

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things have been crazy busy.
We have managed to squeeze in some quality play time.

Here, Abby is actually playing with Beks.
It is happening more often,
and with less drama.
{most of the time!!}

Beks is strapped in, so try not to worry too much.
She mainly likes the fact that Abby is giving her the time of day.
Beks is not picky.
She just wants to play with Abby...
preferably without being thrown down on the ground or pushed too many times!
Quick little update:
Abby has started back with dance & is now doing gymnastics.
She went to gymnastics,
That is huge.
But, it's also a story for another day/night...

Going to bed now, so that I can be nice Mommy in the morning!
Bloggy love,