Yellowstone Fun 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yellowstone Fun 2007, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Daddy, Abby & the BIG Elk

Daddy, Abby & the BIG Elk, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This is on our first full day at Yellowstone! Daddy & Abby got out to take a better look at this HUGE elk. It was so amazing!

Stacey & Isabelle

Stacey & Isabelle, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This is the big bonus of our trip to Sheridan. Surprise!! Stacey & Isabelle were there from Germany ... what a wonderful treat! We haven't seen them since Isabelle was just a little older than Abby. What a cutie! :)

Abby & Anna

Abby & Anna, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here are the girls. We got to meet Anna on this trip, so that made it extra special. Sierra & Nathan adopted her from China -- she is adorable & so sweet. The boys are so good with her!

Mullinax Kitties

Mullinax Kitties, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here are Abby's other new friends ... the two kitty cats that lived at our cousins' house!


COUSINS!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Look at all these cousins! We planned our trip to go by & see our family in Wyoming. Brad's cousin Sierra & her family live in Sheridan, so we headed there before Yellowstone. The first night we stayed there ... there were 19 people that stayed & we managed to upset their septic tank!

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Boz & Abby got to visit Mt. Rushmore ... this is our first trip there!

Our New Neck Pillow!

Our New Neck Pillow!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby was so good on this trip! This was our first successful road trip. Abby has been on many a road trip, but she is usually cranky & unhappy. Not this time though. This time, she talked and talked & talked some more. It was quite impressive. Mommy was even impressed & most people think my mommy talks a lot. :)

The Bear

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Bear, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby really wanted to see a bear on this trip. Unfortunately, (fortunately, if you ask her mother) she didn't get to see one any closer than this!

Wall Drug

Wall Drug, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Couldn't resist! Our pastor & his wife told us about this place even before we left. We just had to stop after seeing the signs every 10 feet on the interstate for them. We even saw signs for Wall Drug in Colorado!

Aren't we Corny?

Aren't we Corny?, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

From inside the Corn Palace ... Mitchell, SD

The WORLD Famous Corn Palace!

The WORLD Famous Corn Palace!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

I'm not sure Daddy would have stopped here had we not stayed in Mitchell for the night! It was pretty neat though. Not on our official itinerary, but that was the fun part of this trip ... no worries!

In the fire truck at CM ...

In the fire truck at CM ..., originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby loves sirens, so you know she thought this was fun! IF you ever come to St Louis or live here, make sure you go take a visit to the City Museum. It's really cool & they have night activities for adults too!

City Musuem with Daddy

City Musuem with Daddy, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Daddy & Abby poised at the top of another slide. Abby had no fear ... she went down this huge slide all by herself! She is very brave. Mommy hates heights, so some things were not very fun!

City Museum w/Mommy

City Museum w/Mommy, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here is one of our fun adventures with Daddy when he got home. It was great! Abby had lots of fun exploring ... I'm sure we'll be going back!

Daddy's Promotion/Welcome Home Party

Abby with some friends at our big party! We had lots of fun & Abby was having a hoot with all her friends ... she even made some new ones.

Daddy & Abby -- back together!

Daddy & Abby -- back together!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

This is the special cereal that Mommy won't buy, but Daddy didn't know it makes Abby a marshmellow monster. Sharing a special moment on the princess chair ...