Thursday, January 31, 2008

IT'S FINISHED!!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We can hardly believe it, but our basement is done! It looks so nice. This is Abby posing in HER special toy room...of course, the toys are outside of this room too! BUT, at least they aren't in the living room anymore. Mommy has most of her stuff in the basement, so now we're cooking! :) THANK YOU, DADDY! Daddy did a wonderful job finishing our basement -- we are so blessed that he can do this kind of work!

Daddy-Daughter Date

Daddy-Daughter Date, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Daddy & Abby have been taking some dates without Mommy. It's turning out to be a great idea. They get to do all the fun things though! Here, Abby is getting ready to send her pink (of course!) bowling ball down the ramp. It was lots of fun & then the had dinner at the bowling alley. The one on base does a great job for little kids...their birthday parties are awesome. Mommy was at a 6-hour scrapbooking crop -- it was a much needed night out!

The COOL Bowling Shoes

The COOL Bowling Shoes, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

All the cute feet...couldn't resist!

Crazy Cousin Bowling

Crazy Cousin Bowling, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby & her funny faces! She sure is funny. They all had a pretty good time. It's amazing how good the boys are...they said it's from their WII game! I bet it wouldn't help me much!

The Girly Girls!

The Girly Girls!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Could they be ANY cuter?? :)


Bowling, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Bowling Queen...she sure liked her big bowling with the cousins morning. Grandpa Daddy, with Daddy & Mommy, took all the cousins (minus Dylan, of course) bowling. Here is Abby posing--they didn't have a ramp here, so it was a little more challenging for Abby and Maddy!

Daddy & Abby with the BIG tree!

Daddy & Abby with the BIG tree!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here's another pretty dress. The girl doesn't want for girly dresses! They sure looked cute together in front of Gibby's SUPER HUGE tree...or as Abby would say "Honking" big tree!

Christmas PJs

Christmas PJs, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

We wonder why Parker & Abby get along so well...look at their faces! They are two peas in a pod! Parker has about 8 pictures of Abby in his room. I think they must like each other!

Luna & Abby

Luna & Abby, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here is Abby on Christmas morning helping Luna with her gifts! She thought Luna's pink blanket was pretty special! The pheasant was a big hit for both of them as well! Luna is Grandpa Daddy's hunting dog...can't you tell? :)

All the COUSINS!

All the COUSINS!, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Here is a Christmas Eve photo...everyone is relaxing after eating too much! I'm sure the kids weren't as bad as we were! We had our traditional fondue dinner & birthday cake (Red Velvet) for Jesus. It was very fun...see the newest cousin addition? That's Dylan & he's a cutie!

Aunt Heather & Abby

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aunt Heather & Abby, originally uploaded by brookiej1.

Abby's first official Santa Cookie decorating in Colorado! Aunt Heather & Abby had a vital job in the decorating...I don't remember what it was, but they did a good job! :) The boys were too funny making cyclops & other strange faces. The cookies were a little crazy this year, but VERY fun!

Illinois Christmas

Thursday, January 3, 2008