Fancy Pants

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mommy is trying to get some last-minute projects done!  We leave in 3 days and I'm sewing.  Make sense? 

This skirt has been hanging in Abby's closet, but she did not want to wear 
a plain white shirt with it.  

The horror.  

So, I found a cute little tutorial, courtesy of here and here.
Super easy.  And cute.  
We'll see what the Abster says in the morning.  :)

p.s. The skirt is from here!  

Bloggy love,

Our Little Lionel...

Daddy: Doesn't she remind you of Lionel?  
Mommy: Who???
Daddy: Lionel...the little boy on Snoopy who carries his blanket everywhere.
Mommy: You mean LINUS??
Daddy: Yeah, that's what I said.

Bloggy love,

Quality Time with Daddy...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Abby has her own book now to record all her funny sayings...she says so many things that crack us up.  

Here is an especially funny one from this past weekend.  Abby had Daddy help her with her new playdough ice cream parlor.  Since Daddy is an engineer, he has a certain way of doing things.  :)

See his intense concentration...
This is the shot right here...
They are making everyone ice cream cones, and here is her funny little comment:

Abby: See Daddy?  He'll make you one.  He doesn't let me do anything.  It's not real fun.

HAHAHAHA.  Love that girl!  And Daddy...

Bloggy love,

Uncle Ben's Birthday Card

I actually sent a birthday card.  Woohoo.  I'm pretty sure he got it WELL after his birthday, but my brother & I have an understanding...we're both pathetically bad at being timely with things like this.

Abby helped me pick it out...she thought it looked like a little glass of tea.  :)  That whole tea thing is tricky.  Gotta be careful! 

Is it perfect or what?  I KNOW Grandma Lene & Pawpaw will be impressed!  She's got a knack! :)
Makes you excited to get a card from us, huh?!  Don't worry...Abby has picked out some real winners and I have them saved.  Most of them have dogs on them (so you can only imagine!)--she can't read, so we're safe for now!  :)

Bloggy love,

Abby Dancerella...

Monday, June 22, 2009

What a fun day!  Daddy & the girls ran the flight line (with a stop for donuts!) and Mommy went to spin.  After that, the day flew by!  Mommy isn't talented enough for fancy hair, so Daddy decided to take Abby to the BX beauty salon to get her some beautiful ballerina hair.

Guess how long it took?

50 minutes.  5-0!  Whew.  She did great, but Daddy didn't know it was going to take so long!  He had to book it to the recital!

Turns out, he didn't really need to rush...

Here, she was sectioning the hair
Looking pretty thrilled!  :)
Daddy said that she straightened each section individually!  
No wonder it took 50 minutes...
Look how beautiful it turned out...
Glad Daddy took her for the fun princess hairstyling!
True Abby form!
A more serious photo to show her hair!
This is what you do after you have someone work on your hair for almost an hour!  :)
Abby & Ella hiding out at the Youth Center waiting for pictures.  And waiting.

Abby's class kicked the show off!  
Abby & Ella are very talented.  It isn't easy to hold hands and perform!  :)

Dance was the song BONGO, but to the tune of BINGO
Abby was very impressive.  I was worried she would get nervous when she got up in front of everyone.  It's iffy most weeks at dance class whether or not she wants to dance.  I was so thankful that she seemed to really enjoy it!  That's our little performer!  :)
She's got the moves...
Dance #3...
Abby REALLY got into this one.  She was spinning all over the place!
They danced to the Hokey Pokey & did a great job!

(Do you see the tutu t-shirt?) 

Dance #4...Wheels on the Bus!
She was jamming.  Her wheels were FAST!
Abby & Ella being Abby & Ella!  :)
Abby & Mr. David!  
We sure are going to miss thankful he was here!
The after party...McDonald's for an ice cream cone!
Later that night, we went out to dinner too.  What a special day for our super special
Abby Dancerella!
Thanks to all the friends that came out to watch Abby's first dance recital--special thanks to Trevor & Parker for the flowers and balloon!  She's ready for another recital already!

Great job little ballerina!  You're beautiful & so very sweet...Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you and thankful every day for the blessing you are in our lives!

Bloggy love,

We Sew Love Korea

Sunday, June 21, 2009

One of the things I love about Korea is the fabric.  It is so inexpensive to buy really cute fabric.  I wish I were faster at getting things accomplished...but hey, I have lots of facebook to keep up with, the blog, and scrapbooking, so at least I have finished a few projects.  Here's a taste...there will be more to follow because with fabric being roughly $2.50/yd, I have many ideas and projects lined up.  Even a little something for Mommy someday!  :)

Abby is in dancing mode.  
She picked out the kitty cat fabric (NOT Daddy's favorite!), and I used a pattern for a pillow case dress.  The ribbon is also extremely cheap.  I bought a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) roll of the black ribbon seen here for 7,000won.  THAT is a deal.  I will have black ribbon for years to come!

Tutu T-Shirt...I have made 2 of these so far.  My friend Charlotte's mom had sent a newspaper article with pictures and a website address to buy one of these.  I went out to the website & they wanted $40 or $50 for one.  WHAT?!  Well, since I am a cheap-o & because I always think, "hey, I could do that," I gave it a try. 

 The one pictured is the first one I made; it was for Baby Grace's birthday present!  I put the tulle on the top of the t-shirt & covered it with a cute ribbon.  With the babies, I just worried about the tulle rubbing their legs.  Turned out cute!  Abby got the next one & she wore it at her dance recital (up next on the blog!). Beks is still waiting for hers!  Poor second born.

I found the tutorial doing a google search.  Can I tell you how much I love the internet?  I absolutely love this blog now, and it makes me happy every time I go there.

Go check out Joy's Hope...I just know it'll make you smile too! 

From a Heather Bailey pattern, these dresses and pants are my favorite things I have made so far (I also want this pattern!!).  They turned out great & I can't wait to make the other pieces from the pattern.  There is another dress and a skirt that look like they'll be so cute...we'll see how long it takes me!  

Bloggy love,

Boz: His China Shirt

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The forgotten China tale...

Abby had some birthday money to burn, so while at the Beijing Zoo she wanted to buy a panda shirt for Boz.  

See her holding the cute little shirt...
(and looking a little annoyed by another photo op!)

Here, Boz is wearing his new shirt for your viewing pleasure!
So, we let Abby open the shirt to put it on him while we were deciding where to go after the zoo.  Abby & Mommy were standing over in the shade taking the plastic off of it...

...and then it happened.  

Abby pulled the shirt out and in the next second, a bird pooped on the brand new shirt.  If you know Abby, you know this is not good.  Bird poop=drama. 

So, once Abby was calm, we cleaned the shirt up best we could with the water we had.
Boz put on his new shirt, and all was well!   

Bloggy love,

For Grandma Lene...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Okay, here's something cute to tide you over.
I have been sewing. That's my excuse. I will soon have pictures of all the cuteness.
My models must cooperate!
I have not blogged about the dance recital yet, so I will get it done over the weekend.
Maybe I'll get caught up? Hahaha.

Bloggy love,

Cool Points

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well, we had the girls' yearly appointments.
Thankfully, they scheduled them back-to-back...
not that it isn't a good time to head over to the clinic on multiple occasions!
Both girls did really well AND we definitely established
that Abby LOVES to go to the doctor.
She wanted to have her check up done 2 times she liked it so much!

Here are the numbers:
Abby - 34lbs, 40.74"
Beks - 18lbs, 27.5"

Our pediatrician
has always shown some concern for Bekah's weight.
Abby has always been a skinny little thing...Beks is no different.
She doesn't eat quite as well as Abby, but she loves her food!
So, I've never been too worried about her weight.
Well, we had to get the normal blood test they get at 1 year (lead?),
so the doctor added some additional tests
to make sure nothing was wrong with her.

Nightmare. That's exactly what I thought.

You want me to take my baby into the lab & have 5 blood tests? Argh.
I walked in & you could just see
the lab tech's face fall when I told her it was for the baby!

She went for reinforcements.
I was just praying Abby wouldn't faint & Beks would remain calm.
I held Beks while they readied her for the blood draw.

Abby was watching & getting VERY excited.
Anyone surprised? HA. Abby is my drama queen!

Why are you cleaning it?
What is that thing you're putting on her arm?
Where is the blood?

Why can't I see the blood?
Is she going to cry?
What are they DOING?
Mommy, I CAN'T see the blood!

This is where the third lab tech comes in...
she picks Abby up for a better view.

That's as exciting as it gets.
Beks didn't cry. She didn't seem uncomfortable.
She let the lab tech draw an enormous amount of blood out of her little arm!
One of the other techs commented that it was amazing...
not a peep out of her.

Plus, her sister thought she was cool.

For about 5 minutes.

Then, we returned home & they proceeded to fight over the tea set.

See how tough she is?
Bloggy love,

Video + Funny Story = Us

Thursday, June 4, 2009

This sweet little dancer made me laugh out loud last week while trying on skirts.
I found a couple of cute new arrivals at the BX, so I made a quick trip to the dressing room with the girls. Fun stuff. It's like a freaky clown car with them both in there. Anyhow, I was pulling the skirt on & it was pretty tight. I hadn't realized that there was an elastic waist AND a string tied into a bow!

Well, Abby noticed me struggling & said, "Mommy, I think that skirt is for skinny mommies."
I laughed so hard. And the people in the next dressing room tried not to laugh!

I said to her, "OR, I could just untie the string." Nice comeback.

I love my life & these funny little girlies! :) It really is a trip!

Bloggy love,

Rough Rider...

Beks is fearless. A little frightening. But, oh so cute...

Bloggy love,