Boz: His China Shirt

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The forgotten China tale...

Abby had some birthday money to burn, so while at the Beijing Zoo she wanted to buy a panda shirt for Boz.  

See her holding the cute little shirt...
(and looking a little annoyed by another photo op!)

Here, Boz is wearing his new shirt for your viewing pleasure!
So, we let Abby open the shirt to put it on him while we were deciding where to go after the zoo.  Abby & Mommy were standing over in the shade taking the plastic off of it...

...and then it happened.  

Abby pulled the shirt out and in the next second, a bird pooped on the brand new shirt.  If you know Abby, you know this is not good.  Bird poop=drama. 

So, once Abby was calm, we cleaned the shirt up best we could with the water we had.
Boz put on his new shirt, and all was well!   

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Grandma Lene said...

Boz looks really good in his new shirt. Hope he remembers to pack it for the trip! Nice of Abby to spend her money on her friend!