First Timers

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We finally did it...the girls' very first Easter egg hunt! Fun, fun. For some reason, the egg hunts back in the states were never on days that worked out. But here at Osan, we had more than ample time to attend--what else were we going to do? :) Daddy attended a wedding during the hunt, but we girls headed over...

What a cute bunny!
And the little bunny...

An egg hunt AND a fire truck...oh, the excitement!

How cute are they waiting for the start?!
Beks goes in for her egg
Abby trying to talk Beks into putting her egg in the bag...Beks, not trusting Abby, decided to hang onto it! Smart girl. :)

The haul...Abby was upset she didn't get as many as some of the other kids. (See previous photo: Abby lost some valuable time with trying to get Bek's egg!)
A nice warm day for egg hunting
All smiles & fancy eggs!
Bloggy love,

The Singing Wasn't THAT Bad!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After our exciting Everland trip, we headed over to Osan's fine dining establishment...Chili's! Well, Abby wanted to go there because of the birthday milkshakes! She already knows what she is doing at 4! Beks was DONE, so Mommy & Daddy took turns walking around making her happy. Birthday girl's choice was a fun one though!

What would put this look on Abby's face?

The singing...if they would have been singing for anyone else, she would've been okay. For her birthday--not so much!


Present opening; she likes clothes & shoes. Mommy is a little afraid.
Working on a new puzzle. I like the short supervisor in the middle there.
Close-up of the the baby belly & the dipe!
This was a nice snuggle...that led to a not-so-nice tackle!
The big gift...

Bloggy love,

The Big 4

Monday, April 20, 2009

**UPDATED: Now with video!**

Daddy took the day off to surprise Abby with a trip to Everland for her birthday! The weather was beautiful & we had a great time...the girls were a little tired from the big trip to the zoo the day before, but were real troopers.

Abby wanted us to pose here!

She was in a picture taking mood! You have to take them when she's willing!

Little sister watching the fun...

Yum-a, yum-a...Beks loves her oranges!

How old are you today?

To most, this picture is no big deal. To me, this picture is progress! She is on the playground equipment all by herself! Woohoo. Abby ran like the wind to get to the slide (to avoid all the bigger kids there!), but she did it!

I'm a big girl now!

Bloggy love,

Zoo Fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

On our regular MOPS day, during Spring Break, a group of moms & kiddos headed to the zoo. My friend Charlotte & I wanted to head to the flower market too, so we didn't go with the caravan. We took buckets so that we could leave the flowers in the car. Good thing. It was our very first day of HOT weather! It got up over 80 degrees that day...thankfully, our flowers were fine! :)

When we got to the zoo, we tried to catch up with those that were there already. We stopped along the way to catch Abby looking at the sweet chicks. Bonus: I am in the window. Good photography skills!

We were able to locate a group of moms after they finished at the dolphin show...guess who was missing? Yep, it was Ella. So, Mommy had to figure out where Janelle had headed. We heard they were by the big cats, so we took off running. Uphill. Oh boy, did I mention it was warm? Anyway, it was worth it. We caught them!

They are precious! :)
At the nursery...the babies aren't babies any more. Hmmm, seems to be a theme around here!
As she was inhaling her father's favorite treat, I think her exact words were, "Too bad for you, Daddy!" Yes, she is my daughter. I think I need to get my sassiness in check. Right now. Boy, but she is cute! Sassy = cute...right, Daddy? :)
Bloggy love,

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

Before Easter, we had a fun little chocolate party. Anastassia had a kit & we gathered the princesses around the table for some decorating...

Silly faces....
Fish face
Athena's funny face!
Expert decorators...Anastassia & Athena
Alyssa's funny face + tiara=super cute!
Kristie & Alyssa
Abby was very intense...she wanted to do it all by herself. Surprise, surprise!
Beks even had a friend stop by after her rest...Beks & Baby Grace

I think she did a mighty fine job...took her about 30 seconds to scarf it down! :)
All the cute decorators!
Thankfully, Anastassia & Kristie knew what they were doing...we had some adorable little chocolates! Pretty tasty too! I'm not sure what they would have looked like had I been in charge--patience is something I am working on. Daily.

Bloggy love,

Oh...and my favorite picture of the day!

Dancing with Daddy

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just some fun between Abby & Daddy...the video freaks me out a bit (had me fast forward to her wedding!!!), it's so sweet though. I love how she has her special things that she does with Daddy. Oh, and the arrival of her performing "Chubby" is a classic!! :)

Bloggy love,

Pho Anyone?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is the place that Abby calls, "the bear restaurant." Aptly put. There are large stuffed bears that sit outside (try not to imagine the amount of mold/mildew that must be on them!) & then the 2 pictured here. We are pretty much addicted to pho & we're regulars...they love the girls there & the girls love to eat noodles, so it's a win-win. We do take the little chair that hooks onto the table because Beks is at that age where she doesn't really want to sit still on our laps for a meal. I'm sure we would avoid eating out, but we need to get out. Okay, I need to get out. It makes the pain of dealing with the squirmy baby a little bit more managable! :)