Zoo Fun!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

On our regular MOPS day, during Spring Break, a group of moms & kiddos headed to the zoo. My friend Charlotte & I wanted to head to the flower market too, so we didn't go with the caravan. We took buckets so that we could leave the flowers in the car. Good thing. It was our very first day of HOT weather! It got up over 80 degrees that day...thankfully, our flowers were fine! :)

When we got to the zoo, we tried to catch up with those that were there already. We stopped along the way to catch Abby looking at the sweet chicks. Bonus: I am in the window. Good photography skills!

We were able to locate a group of moms after they finished at the dolphin show...guess who was missing? Yep, it was Ella. So, Mommy had to figure out where Janelle had headed. We heard they were by the big cats, so we took off running. Uphill. Oh boy, did I mention it was warm? Anyway, it was worth it. We caught them!

They are precious! :)
At the nursery...the babies aren't babies any more. Hmmm, seems to be a theme around here!
As she was inhaling her father's favorite treat, I think her exact words were, "Too bad for you, Daddy!" Yes, she is my daughter. I think I need to get my sassiness in check. Right now. Boy, but she is cute! Sassy = cute...right, Daddy? :)
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