Pho Anyone?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is the place that Abby calls, "the bear restaurant." Aptly put. There are large stuffed bears that sit outside (try not to imagine the amount of mold/mildew that must be on them!) & then the 2 pictured here. We are pretty much addicted to pho & we're regulars...they love the girls there & the girls love to eat noodles, so it's a win-win. We do take the little chair that hooks onto the table because Beks is at that age where she doesn't really want to sit still on our laps for a meal. I'm sure we would avoid eating out, but we need to get out. Okay, I need to get out. It makes the pain of dealing with the squirmy baby a little bit more managable! :)


Momma Lene said...

Okay, describe pho for us! I can remember eating there - the bears help with that. But I can't remember what I had to eat. Abby is very happy to be there! Beks just looks happy to have Daddy.