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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty simple really...

Sunday {while watching a little basketball}, Daddy & the girlies did some exercising.
Here, they are learning proper form.
I wish Mommy weren't so slow on the video camera...their moves were priceless!

Num Nums.
So, this is why you're supposed to take out the batteries if the kiddo sleeps with the crazy Zhu Zhu pets.
Not that she was sleeping with it...or that it is even hers!! Not sure WHAT she was doing! :) Only Beks.

Abby WARNED her not to play with it. Do you think she learned her lesson?! HA!
{no, mommy didn't have to cut it out}
p.s. We're down to 23 days on our countdown to Grandma Lene &'s so cute; Abby runs over to take off part of the chain every morning. Then, she counts the remaining ones. THEN, she asks me about 400Xs a day if she has taken one off. :) Fun stuff, but it's worth it!! It's no secret...MOMMY IS EXCITED TOO!!

Bloggy love,

voice your opinion.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here at JFJ, we want your voice to be heard. {hahaha, not really, but I'm indecisive!}

With the uproar & varied opinions on all that is going on in the world right now, we are giving you the chance to express your opinion. This is a vital decision in our household right now. Vital. {Boy, we need to get out more!}

Which way will you vote?

Number 1:

Number 2:
{okay, if you really want to vote, you need to click on the link--she has the page Copyscaped!}

Don't delay. Voting will be closed on Saturday (Korea time, people). Maybe I'll even find a fun gift to send one of you lucky voters. Or maybe not. I might just be saying that to entice you to vote. But then again, Korea is full of wonderful trinkets I could send you! :)

{If you vote & you want a chance to win the *possible* prize, please leave a comment with your name & email, if I don't know how to contact you!}

Bloggy love,

bubble world. korean adventure #9,243

Monday, March 22, 2010

we kidnap Daddy & take him places with us.

So, the girls & I bought tickets to a family show is Seoul called:
Bubble World

We bought a ticket for Daddy too,
and somehow, he managed to get a day off! :)

Off we went on our ITT adventure...

Here is Beks on the bus doing some light reading :)
The theater sign
Our crew outside...contemplating some KFC. Or not.
Daddy & Abby
Athena & Abby
Bunny Bunny even dressed up for this big day!
Mommy & Beks

It was interesting!
{as are many of the things we have done here!}
The girls loved it & some of the bubbles were amazing...if nothing else because of the sheer volume of them!
The interactive portions were fun too.
{Abby asked when we were going to go back & Daddy said, "Never." Ha.}
All & all, the day was a success & even better because we got to spend the day with Daddy.

Oh, and apology #2 to all the people on the bus who had to wait to get back on base b/c of the irresponsible person who left her wallet at home. Wonder who that loser was? :)

Bloggy love,

i want a yard. please.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yesterday, I ran a 5K.
{Please stop your snickering...and yes, this is Brooke!!}
It started snowing during the run & didn't stop.

Here I am after the run...
{Maybe a little more *support* would be beneficial?! ha. Talk about things hangin' different than they used to! :)}
Here's Indy surveying the snowfall the morning after! :)
He's only 10 flights up. Poor guy.
I can't wait to have a yard for him!
He LOVES the snow & he scratched to get out there.
Here's his cute mug after snacking on some snow...
he was so excited to get out in it.
Even on the balcony.

Don't worry, boy.
Mommy is gonna find you a yard.
With a slide.
And a playground. :)
You can actually go out whenever you want to.
I can't wait.

Bloggy love,

so did it freeze over?

And I'm not talking about the recent snow we've had!!!

Sweet goodness...
is it really possible?

I wish I weren't Historian...would have loved to have seen my face & have a picture of that!!
Finally. Almost my last event here, but it happened. It really happened!

I tied with 3 other people for Most Buncos.
And then the roll off.
One lady rolled & I went next...rolled a 6! Woot.
I was already celebrating {could've been the 2 margaritas!}.
Believe it or not, no one else rolled a 6. I literally jumped up and down. Not kidding.

So I got to choose first. Are you joking?
We just went to pick out furniture on Sunday {and ordered 4 pieces!!!}
This was bonus, what did I pick???

my very own step tansu!!!
Our little Asian entryway...
Shout out to Janelle {who helped me carry it home!}...
You are an awesome friend! :)

So, here is a peek at what we ordered over the weekend!
SO excited.
Each piece will be changed up to go with our darker colors, so I'll be sure to post pictures of the actual pieces once they arrive!!

Our bar...well, not really.
It will be darker, different hardware {black iron}, and not painted.
So, similar, but different. Got it?!
Inside of it.
Love that it is on wheels. It will be beautiful!
Secretary...again, same style, different colors/hardware.
{they had this black one tonight as one of the prizes, but since we had already ordered this one to go in our bedroom, BONUS!}
Crummy, blurry picture!
We'll use it as an end table by the recliner.
Again, not this color...will match the wedding boxes we already have!
Lastly, we loved this the last time we were there.
Nowhere to put it, but I asked again how much it was.
He came off of it $150!! DEAL.
We will find somewhere to put is not a small piece! :)
From the land of new furniture...

Bloggy love,

just our thursday

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"When I am a mother, my children will always eat at the table."
{Oh, and in an immaculate home with no sewing projects on the floor. And not in front of the TV. And they will be dressed before 10a.m. Man, reality is just so much different!!}

"I do it Mommy!!!!"
{See Pawpaw & UB, this is a shout out to the facial hair. Woot.}

And, I've been dreaming of this all day...talked to my grandma this morning.
SO missing our yearly trip to DI!!!
Bloggy love,

castle play

Grace & Beks...
what are we going to do when we have to leave the Guest Family?
{Let's just pretend it's not going to happen. Or better yet, let's just believe God will let us live by each other after Korea!!} Okay, just look at the cute pictures. I have 4 months left...can't go getting all teary now. :)

{You can see Bek's addiction in the picture, if you look closely! CHAPSTICK. I shudder to think about how much she has eaten. Thankfully, Santa put a lot of Bubble & Bee in her stocking! It's not her fault it tastes SO good! }

Bloggy love,

mommy's big field trip to the city

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back in January, Mommy had a fun afternoon/night out! It was a CE spouse trip & it was lots of fun! Our commander's wife, Susan, does an awesome job of planning activities for us. The latest one was going to hang out in Seoul to watch the show Nanta, eat dinner & a little exploring! It's so great to be able to do these things...we had a wonderful time & even found a pub to warm up in after dinner! Can't wait for our next night out on the town. I hear karaoke might be in our future!! :)

Didn't have a doughnut, but thought it was a good photo op!
We did go and have a coffee at Starbucks to warm up!! :)
The show we went to see...

{This is what the website says about it: "Nanta is non-verbal performance which is the combination of Korean traditional performance called ‘Samullnori’ and western form of performance. Instead of using various Korean traditional instruments, it uses pans, knives, and pots- objects that you can find in a kitchen- as its instruments."}

I really enjoyed it!
The funniest part was sitting by a group of young Koreans.
They were hilarious & had a great time...I'm pretty sure I laughed as much at them as I did at the performance!
After the show...
all these places have characters dressed up outside their stores.
Not sure why this is supposed to entice me to buy their makeup???
I DO want to look like a panda though!
The bright lights!
We went to find our had moved!
They have these places all over.
Matching underwear seems to be the thing here.
Weirdly, I can't get Brad interested!! :)
Here's you think she is trying to pick out something for Mike's Valentine present?
Dinner. Yes, it was all mine.

Until next time...

Bloggy love,