let's partee

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

well, on sunday, we had our big birthday party. {how in the world do we have a 5 year old & a 2 year old??} we are still able to combine birthdays & the girls don't mind. hmmm. not sure how long that will last!!

photographic proof that grandma is in KOREA!

partee goers


THE birthday banner...

toot. toot. yes, that's my horn.
it is a darn cute banner! :)

speaking of cute...
we have the 2-year-old girlie...
um, really?!

and the 5-year-old girlie
ella & abby. that pretty much says it all!
what a precious little friendship.
this is funny...
abby has had her own little cake every year.
it has been a # cake up until this year.
well, mommy couldn't find one in enough time to get it to korea.
she assumed this whole princess cake was hers.
she gave ella & athena forks...
they dug in! :)
haha. mommy thought it was hilarious!
you go girl.
it's your cake & you can eat it too!!

the crazy hungry caterpillar
mommy doesn't really have skilz,
but it's still pretty cute!
one of her beautiful gifts!

our little family

where is bekah?
gifts & more gifts!

beating on elmo
that's all folks!
beks with no nap, sugar & lots of sass!
bloggy love,


Thursday, April 15, 2010

our poor {pathetically updated} blog...

so, here goes. i am not sure where to start or what to tell you. can you tell the mommy is a bit tired? here is what we have been doing: pre-easter party, birthday #1, egg hunt, easter, & birthday #2 {accompanied by the stomach bug}. there's the whew.

we started out the festivities the sunday before easter...egg hunt & delicious lunch with our friends! windy & chilly though. oh well, it was still fun!

who needs those pesky egg holders? just drop them in there. the white sweater is a little boring.
she picked up one egg, opened it, & ate the candy. repeat. she doesn't like to stockpile & then go through them all at once. not her deal.
neither of my girls will be successful in the large hunts...they are a little too easy going!
abby & athena...good friends!
yum. here's a little seaweed with lunch. oh, and rice! are these girls in korea?
cupcakes. mmmm...

then, we did some cupcake decorating. not one of my better ideas.
{but at least it wasn't at my house! ha! j/k anastassia!}

i told the girls to press the sprinkles into the icing. grace took that very literally! :)
here are her cute little fingerprints!

going to sew. and sleep. sleep is priority tonight. we shall see.

bloggy love,

p.s. grandma gets here in 7 days. can't. wait. woohoo!

little monkey b turns 2

Monday, April 5, 2010

Winners of the big {HAHAHA} prizes:
I will be sending everyone {who voted!}
a little Korean goodie...IF you provide your current mailing address.
Please send it to: thejohnsons01@yahoo.com
For you courthouse ladies, don't bother emailing me.
You will get a lovely box of goodies mailed to the office.
Good times!
Those of you that have actually lived here may choose to pass on this opportunity, that is up to you! :)

Photographing this little wild woman is not easy!
So, without further ado...

Beks in her birthday finery!
Ruffles, ribbon, cupcakes, special b-day tiara {thanks, Grandma & Pawpaw!}, and some Korean tights that have fairies on them! Fancy stuff! :)
We had a super day of celebrating!
I'll post more pictures later, but I forgot to do something {imagine that!}, so I must go finish the task!

As for the wiener...I meant winner, I will announcing the exciting news tomorrow! :)

Bloggy love,