little monkey b turns 2

Monday, April 5, 2010

Winners of the big {HAHAHA} prizes:
I will be sending everyone {who voted!}
a little Korean goodie...IF you provide your current mailing address.
Please send it to:
For you courthouse ladies, don't bother emailing me.
You will get a lovely box of goodies mailed to the office.
Good times!
Those of you that have actually lived here may choose to pass on this opportunity, that is up to you! :)

Photographing this little wild woman is not easy!
So, without further ado...

Beks in her birthday finery!
Ruffles, ribbon, cupcakes, special b-day tiara {thanks, Grandma & Pawpaw!}, and some Korean tights that have fairies on them! Fancy stuff! :)
We had a super day of celebrating!
I'll post more pictures later, but I forgot to do something {imagine that!}, so I must go finish the task!

As for the wiener...I meant winner, I will announcing the exciting news tomorrow! :)

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Cute 2 year old! Can't wait to see more pictures. Actually, I can't wait to see the real thing! :) We are also anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner! We don't get out much . . .

Anonymous said...

I knew we would all be weiners! We were just all glad to help you - but we will be happy to get a box of goodies! :) Beks looked very cute in her cupcake outfit.

Anonymous said...

So sad...I missed out. No Korean goody for me. WAH! I had no luck finding the toule you wanted. WAH again! WAH WAH WAH! Happy Birthday to the beautiful babies. - BFF

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Lil Becca (late of course) and also to Abby (early, thank goodness) Hope you had/have a great day with lots of goodies.