black friday...korean style

Monday, November 30, 2009

I decided to go to the midnight market in Seoul on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
The bus was scheduled to leave at 11pm & bring us home sometime around 6am.
What was I thinking?
I was thinking that it would be a cool experience.
That I might find some good Christmas gifts.
It would be fun to have some me time.
This would be the time to do it...a bus dropping me off right where I need to be.

Well, it was a good plan.
It was cold. Well over half the booths/shops were closed.
I can't buy clothing here. Or shoes.
I'm a big mama by Korean standards! :)

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the trip.
The time out with the girls was great!
Next time, we're going to wait until it's warmer or just go to Dondaemun where they do this crazy all-night shopping, all the time.

As a side note...
I did figure out why Alexis looked familiar.
Turns out, we were in the same squadron at Hurlburt Field, FL.
Good ol' HMXS. Well, it wasn't so good.
But, it was good to realize I wasn't crazy & did know her! :)

The wild all-night party animals...
Kellie, Brooke, Charlotte, Alexis & Christina! I'm pretty sure I haven't ever seen anything like this in Decatur on the way to Kohl's
{insert sarcasm here}
Kellie does look pretty excited about the experience! :)
The animal hat guy...wheeling & dealing for the warm kids' hats that are so popular around here!
Christina, Brooke & Kellie posing in front of the bright lights
Let's get a little BLING for our Christmas!
Hair accessories...gotta love 'em!
Yippee...the warm coffee shop.
They served warm water while we were waiting for our drinks!
We made it...6a.m.
Well, it was an experience!
I couldn't remember the last time I stayed up all night.
But then I did.
The trip to Hawaii.
That, I will blog about when I have more stamina!
Bloggy love,

some excitement at osan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The big arrival...

Here, you can see two really excited 19 month olds.
They were acting crazy because a plane just landed.
They didn't care who was on the plane.
{I'm just being honest!}
We have an amazing view from our apartment...
with it comes all the noise, but it's more than worth it!

Here is Air Force 1...
you can tell, right?
It's my awesome camera. HA.
Oh well, I could tell. :)
Okay, now do you believe me?
Pretty self explanatory! :)
Dear readers, please write my husband to tell him I need a new camera!!
Okay, there he is!
Welcome to Korea, President Obama.
Great set up CE!
All your hard work in action!!

Another exciting video...
this one includes my colorful commentary, because I just can't stop myself.
It's an illness.
Just be thankful I haven't pulled the footage off of the video camera yet! :)

At least there are 2 really cute girls in it, and they were SO excited to watch the plane & listen to the helicopters take everyone off to Seoul!

Bloggy love,

introduction to the chickens

Monday, November 9, 2009

Here's a little taste of what is to come...

Come HERE chickens. Chickens!!!

it was innocent enough

Today I almost killed the fish.
{Well, it would have been tragic to listen to the drama that would have ensued!}

We have to clean Glory's little bowl out once a week.
Well, I went to Hawaii and Daddy B was otherwise occupied.
That bowl was in dire need of a cleaning.

I scooped Glory out with a big slotted spoon & put her in a measuring cup.
I have to say, I did think it might be a little small.
I also knew that in just a little bit, she'd be back in her real bowl.
{Which is not really that spacious, people)

At that point, we went about our afternoon.
The girls rested while I worked out.
At some point,
I called Daddy B with a question & as I was hanging up,
I noticed that there wasn't a fish in the measuring cup.
Or by it. Or in the sink.
Where did the fish go???

I raced around the counter to take a closer look.
There she was...laying on the cold, hairy & dry ground.
Trying not to freak out,
I picked her {and the large hairball she had thrown herself into} up, and put her back in her bowl. Her tail was even a little crispy.
She started to swim around.
I couldn't believe it.

This can't be normal, but who am I to ever make a big deal about that?!
Normal just isn't our thing...

Bloggy love,

the big sleepover

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is for Grandma Lene...better late than never! :)
{I'm pretty sure I haven't posted these for you yet!}

Abby & her good buddy Ella decided they could handle a sleepover.
So, we had the whole Davis family over for dinner.
Then, they snuck out as fast as they could.
In all actuality,
Ella came up & asked Janelle when they would be leaving.
She then pointed out that it was dark outside. :)
Let's just stab the mommas in the heart, girls!!
Boy, did we peg them wrong!

The night went exceptionally well!
The girls did talk & get silly, but I'm pretty sure when you're 4 & 5,
that's allowed!

Here they are the morning after...
Cute little things...they're just precious.
Silly faces!
Beks getting in on the big girl action
Look at me...I'm a big girl now!
It was loads of fun & Daddy B cooked up a great breakfast that morning!
Of course, we told Matt & Janelle that we probably got the easy end...
they get to have Abby over next! :)

As my dad said when Brad called him to tell him he was going to propose...
"Good luck with that!" :)
Bloggy love,

colorado wrap up

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of course we had to eat...

Do you think Beks likes her Red Robin? :)
I'm just thankful she kept her hands off Hunter's white t-shirt (he's to the left of her)
Here she is at Fargo's after filling up on Fargo's!
Abby has loved this clock since she was tiny.
She used to RUN to it every time it went off!!
Such a cutie pie.
Now, she's big enough to be Grandpa Daddy's helper!

It went by fast, but it was lots of fun.
We were happy to see everyone!

I also became {slightly} addicted to Rock Band.
Blisters & everything! :)
Sad, huh?!

Bloggy love,

can i get a cheese?

Now that's what I'm talking about...
cuties! :)

Video of the cute bonding session...
Bloggy love,

how much cousin fun can we handle?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's never enough.

That's Abby's take anyway...

She loves her cousins.
The IL & CO ones.
She knows that all her cousins are AWESOME.

This little twosome is especially cute together...
Daddy & Beks...
see Daddy, she does tolerate you at times.
We have proof. :)
I just {heart} these kinds of photos.
It's like you want to torture yourself.
Let's get all the kids to sit still & smile at the same time.
Rational thought?
I think not.

Avery & Abby swinging!
{Oh, I'm sure Abby was loving every minute.
She & Parker have this special little connection...
they've been that way since she was tiny.
She loves her some cousin Parker!} :)
This is trouble...Gibby getting into the action! :)
Group picture taking...
The Video.

Bloggy love,

tea parties are the MOST fun

Monday, November 2, 2009

Okay, wait a minute...
COUSINS are the most fun! :)

Here is Beks getting better acquainted with Dylan.
In the picture right before this, Dylan wasn't quite sure what to make of this.
He put up with her novice piano skills quite well!
The Tea Party...
isn't it sweet.
Both the girlies are wearing the matching dresses I made.
I guess I'll just have to let Abby pick out all the fabric from now on.
Then maybe she won't inform me
that she only wants to wear cute clothes I make.
Need I say more.
Blue-eyed Beauty...cousin Madelyn
My Blue-eyed Beauty! :)
Fancy hats are a must!! :)
Gibby has THE BEST dress up goodies!
More posing...
this must be a Colorado thing? :)
Fancy table setting & goodies...
Of course there must be gifts for the little princesses...
Oh, the look of excitement!
This was just the start of our CO fun!
It IS hard to beat a Princess Tea Party though!

Bloggy love,