some excitement at osan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The big arrival...

Here, you can see two really excited 19 month olds.
They were acting crazy because a plane just landed.
They didn't care who was on the plane.
{I'm just being honest!}
We have an amazing view from our apartment...
with it comes all the noise, but it's more than worth it!

Here is Air Force 1...
you can tell, right?
It's my awesome camera. HA.
Oh well, I could tell. :)
Okay, now do you believe me?
Pretty self explanatory! :)
Dear readers, please write my husband to tell him I need a new camera!!
Okay, there he is!
Welcome to Korea, President Obama.
Great set up CE!
All your hard work in action!!

Another exciting video...
this one includes my colorful commentary, because I just can't stop myself.
It's an illness.
Just be thankful I haven't pulled the footage off of the video camera yet! :)

At least there are 2 really cute girls in it, and they were SO excited to watch the plane & listen to the helicopters take everyone off to Seoul!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

I really hope Santa brings you a new camera for Christmas!! Would have been nice to see how the set up worked - someone did a lot of work to get that going!!! :) So does that mean you went to see President Obama? Or did Brad man the camera? How neat!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you for a new blog...the chickens every morning are still cute...but needed something new. Really enjoyed this one, was this from your window. To Brad: Please think about a new camera for your wife for Christmas. Love, G Aunt Shirley

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. - BFF

Amanda Evans said...

Super cool! You do have the BEST view on base, the PENTHOUSE!!! I could care less about Obama, but it is still cool to see AF1. I agree that it is time for a new camera for you (LOL). I just got good one, FINALLY. It is an SDLR, or a DSLR, or whatever they call them...those fancy ones with real zoom lenses. It ROCKS. The photo quality is amazing. Once I post pics from Disney, let me know if you can tell the difference. Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...
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Benson said...

I've got a Polaroid I could send you, of course you'll need to track down some film :)