how much cousin fun can we handle?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's never enough.

That's Abby's take anyway...

She loves her cousins.
The IL & CO ones.
She knows that all her cousins are AWESOME.

This little twosome is especially cute together...
Daddy & Beks...
see Daddy, she does tolerate you at times.
We have proof. :)
I just {heart} these kinds of photos.
It's like you want to torture yourself.
Let's get all the kids to sit still & smile at the same time.
Rational thought?
I think not.

Avery & Abby swinging!
{Oh, I'm sure Abby was loving every minute.
She & Parker have this special little connection...
they've been that way since she was tiny.
She loves her some cousin Parker!} :)
This is trouble...Gibby getting into the action! :)
Group picture taking...
The Video.

Bloggy love,