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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty simple really...

Sunday {while watching a little basketball}, Daddy & the girlies did some exercising.
Here, they are learning proper form.
I wish Mommy weren't so slow on the video camera...their moves were priceless!

Num Nums.
So, this is why you're supposed to take out the batteries if the kiddo sleeps with the crazy Zhu Zhu pets.
Not that she was sleeping with it...or that it is even hers!! Not sure WHAT she was doing! :) Only Beks.

Abby WARNED her not to play with it. Do you think she learned her lesson?! HA!
{no, mommy didn't have to cut it out}
p.s. We're down to 23 days on our countdown to Grandma Lene &'s so cute; Abby runs over to take off part of the chain every morning. Then, she counts the remaining ones. THEN, she asks me about 400Xs a day if she has taken one off. :) Fun stuff, but it's worth it!! It's no secret...MOMMY IS EXCITED TOO!!

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Anonymous said...

I just hope Abby doesn't wonder what all her excitement was about after we get there! I'm sure Brad is just counting the days, too! :) I'm trying to control my excitement so people will still work/talk with me! Can't wait! I'll look forward to morning exercise with Brad - what an extra bonus. :)