bubble world. korean adventure #9,243

Monday, March 22, 2010

we kidnap Daddy & take him places with us.

So, the girls & I bought tickets to a family show is Seoul called:
Bubble World

We bought a ticket for Daddy too,
and somehow, he managed to get a day off! :)

Off we went on our ITT adventure...

Here is Beks on the bus doing some light reading :)
The theater sign
Our crew outside...contemplating some KFC. Or not.
Daddy & Abby
Athena & Abby
Bunny Bunny even dressed up for this big day!
Mommy & Beks

It was interesting!
{as are many of the things we have done here!}
The girls loved it & some of the bubbles were amazing...if nothing else because of the sheer volume of them!
The interactive portions were fun too.
{Abby asked when we were going to go back & Daddy said, "Never." Ha.}
All & all, the day was a success & even better because we got to spend the day with Daddy.

Oh, and apology #2 to all the people on the bus who had to wait to get back on base b/c of the irresponsible person who left her wallet at home. Wonder who that loser was? :)

Bloggy love,