First Timers

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We finally did it...the girls' very first Easter egg hunt! Fun, fun. For some reason, the egg hunts back in the states were never on days that worked out. But here at Osan, we had more than ample time to attend--what else were we going to do? :) Daddy attended a wedding during the hunt, but we girls headed over...

What a cute bunny!
And the little bunny...

An egg hunt AND a fire truck...oh, the excitement!

How cute are they waiting for the start?!
Beks goes in for her egg
Abby trying to talk Beks into putting her egg in the bag...Beks, not trusting Abby, decided to hang onto it! Smart girl. :)

The haul...Abby was upset she didn't get as many as some of the other kids. (See previous photo: Abby lost some valuable time with trying to get Bek's egg!)
A nice warm day for egg hunting
All smiles & fancy eggs!
Bloggy love,


Your Momma said...

Abby was probably trying to fill the bag! :) And with a little help from baby sister she could have. I was surprised Abby didn't open the eggs right then. Still can't believe how grown up Bekah is. Must see them soon!