China: The Final Day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well, it was a busy 4 days, but a good 4 days!

On our last day, Fernando (and the driver...which I guess isn't as common) agreed to take us where we wanted to go on the free day.
We chose: the Beijing Zoo, Lamist Temple, and the Lido Market!
Lots to do, but we wanted to make the most of our time!

Waiting to check out of the hotel...the girls LOVED the water & fountains in the lobby!

Fernando...and his umbrella

Fernando explained to us that the color of skin is very important in China.
He even explained the difference in Americans...very interesting.
It all had to do with skin color.
As you would imagine, the lighter the skin & eyes, the more interest you get in China!

Well, Fernando explained that his skin wasn't like ours. Once the pigment darkened, it wouldn't go back like a suntan. I'm not sure as to the validity of this statement, so don't quote me. Quote Fernando. Anywho, he informed us that until he got married, he was going to protect his skin. He had a car, 2 apartments, a small business (along with his tour guide gig), and he needed to keep his looks up! :) BUT, he said that as soon as he gets married, the umbrella goes in the trash! HA. Gotta love it.

Abby's Happy Place

I have to say...they were really cool!

Abby had one desire out of our China trip, to see the Panda bears.
The girls had been so good, we decided to use part of our free day to visit the zoo!

Abby watching him/her snack

This guy enjoyed a back scratch for a good little while!

They definitely need all the help they can get!

Isn't he cute?

Abby snuggling with a new friend

Can you tell that Ab is getting a little tired of making new friends?!
She was a trooper, but she had hit her limit! :)

Abby & Boz trucking to lunch!

More lunch...

Did I mention the food was delightful?

Okay, last one! :)

Hot Spot #2 for the day...Lamist Temple

Whew...ash & 2 little girls=messy, messy!

Beautiful trees

Abby & Gibby enjoying the shade

Cool little alley on the way back to the van!
No pictures of the Lido Market...we were in a hurry.
I don't do well with 45 minutes to shop. I needed to focus. I didn't. :)
I went to get American girl dolls & clothes, some sunglasses, purses and maybe shoes?? I got 2 scarves and a jacket! Brad was wheeling & dealing with a guy for a North Face jacket...he got it for $13. Oh, and one for me too! Plus, he cut the deal for my scarves. The girl told me I was TOO CHEAP. No kidding. I'm in China, lady.
We also got a kite for each girl here. I'm glad we stopped by & got a taste of the shopping.
I would go back. :)

At the airport...saying goodbye to Fernando!

Our airplane!

On a fun note, there was a vehicle driving out on the runway, and Abby said,

"Mommy, LOOK! It's the chase car!"

Gotta love an Air Force kid! :)

I'm sure I forgot something, but I can always update with some story I finally remember!
I'm just happy to have this documented. My memory is tiny these days! Very sad.

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

The trip looked great. Abby looked very happy most of the time and so did Boz! Little world travelers! Diana didn't think the food looked edible but I did. The shopping sounds good, too. Thanks for all the updates! Mom

Ryan, Dawn, Calvin & Alayna said...

What an awesome trip! Love the pics of Abby looking at the Pandas.

Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Colin said...

Brooke, I love the way you blog!! Now, I'm thinking "must have Chinese SOON......."! Trip looked like great fun.