Sink or Swim?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swim lessons strike fear in my heart. It's not because I don't know how to swim. It's not because I'm overly frightened to watch my daughter learn to swim. It's the getting there. Then, it's the being there. Two days a week, I have to get my crew ready and out the door to be at swim lessons by 9:45. It has yet to happen.

All you haughty moms who can't believe I just said that, you better stop reading now.

Sometimes we walk, sometimes we really makes no difference. It's all about the DRAMA. Abby doesn't want to wear a particular swim suit. Or she doesn't want to wear a bathing suit at all. Or she doesn't want to go. Or the baby is still sleeping. Or the baby is cranky, angry & has been screaming for an hour (which means Mommy is still in HER pajamas).

So we get there 15 minutes+ late and Abby gets into the pool. Then, I have to listen to 45 minutes (oh wait, it's only 30 b/c we're 15 minutes late!) of various forms of my name--with chattering teeth & dramatic shivering...

"where is my mommy"
"Mommy, come over by me" get the idea. That is fun stuff. I'm sure it's even more fun for Ms. Charlene to listen to.

But this week was even more exciting than usual. Abby was using a noodle...BY HERSELF. For any of you that are aware of Abby's fear of the water, you know this is an amazing occurrence. She doesn't even like to shower because of the water getting on her face. One of the things that is helping her is that the other kids in her class are pretty calm in the water. On top of that, her good buddy Ella is in it, and that is the best part. Ella is getting to be a really good swimmer, so Abby is a little braver.

Notice the noodle position in this picture??
Well, the next moment, Abby was under water. Yep, there I am taking pictures & my big girl is sinking. I set my camera down & ran over because I KNEW this was going to be bad. She came up FREAKED OUT. Wow. An even better day at swimming than usual! She got out & calmed down...I just knew she needed to get back in. IF she didn't I'm not sure we would've been back to swim lessons. So, Ella came over & we talked Ab back in. She was back on the noodle, but NO HORSEY RIDING!

After that, I bought her some crappy snack out of the vending machine. Fun morning. The upside...I don't have to be in my swim suit for big girl lessons! :)

Bloggy love,


Scott, Sarah, William, Daniel, and Little Bean said...

Go, Abby! Don't you love 3 year old "No Mommy Required" swim lessons? Daniel would totally be taking them except I still have to get in the pool with him, so it's not-til-July for him. So glad Abby is getting braver with the water.

Angie Glassmeyer said...

Oh how I DON'T miss those days :). I thought I would never get to the point where I could go anywhere at any time. Leaving the house with 2 little ones in NO small feat. But Brooke it does get better! Hannah still argues with I don't want to wear that or she changes her mind at the last minute, but she and Noah can dress themselves, so at least I can get dressed when they do :). I am so proud of Abby getting back in the water. WAY TO GO!!