Chicago FUN!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The girls & I spent the last night in CO staying at the La Quinta by the Denver airport by ourselves. My cell was dead & poor Gibby was sick and couldn't stay with us, so I was a little tense about the flight the next day. We went to the pool, ordered in food & had a little slumber party. Whew. The trip leading up to Chicago was so stressful to me that I felt a HUGE relief to see Mich & J at the airport waiting for us. It was awesome to have Auntie Beth's help getting car seats for the girls last minute & being so gracious about having all of us at their house...including Indy dog! :) We really had a blast seeing them and Uncle Jeff & Aunt Beth cooked shrimp scampi at my request...YUM. We're really going to miss them...Michele is going to be a SENIOR in high school when we get back. Yikes. Thank goodness for technology!
Miss these girlies already!

Oh my...Auntie Beth couldn't believe we hadn't been here before! Abby went right to the *pink* bear & her first experience began. She kissed the heart & made a wish (once we explained what a wish was!). The girl was really good with her & then Abby was off...and I do mean off! She ran to the beds and the clothes and the shoes. She was CRAZED! She had so many outfits pulled off the racks that she was dropping them! :) Abby named the bear 'Alea' and now sleeps with her and likes to take her places with us in the stroller! I think we've created a monster!

Okay, leaving GG Jane was really hard. She was sad & I don't do well when she's crying. Sure do love her & will miss her like crazy!

Next stop...KOREA!
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