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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We were so excited to have tickets for a Cardinals' game while back in the states!
Thanks Uncle Ben!
What was even crazier is that we had a baby-sitter for Bekah!
GO us.
I had asked UB almost jokingly, if he knew anyone who might babysit.
Well, he mentioned it to a guy he works with & what do you know...we had a sitter.
That is so unlike us.
Daddy gave it the thumbs down, at first.
Then, after processing,
he gave it the thumbs up.
Mommy's turn to freak out a bit.
I told myself if I had a bad vibe, we'd be taking Beks or I would stay home.
she was awesome.
Nursing student. Home from college.
Sweet, sweet girl.
We RAN out the door.
Actually, Ben sent Brad to the wrong pizza place first.
We were pretty happy about it though.
The real pizza place was on the WRONG side of town.
That's why they asked Brad if he was sure he wanted to pick it up!
They went in the car to retrieve our pizzas through bars on the window! :)

Our very own Molina & his biggest fan!
Nope...not there for the All Star game. They just had all the signs up!
Abby couldn't walk...so tired
UB, Abs & Daddy
All smiles...it's due to the amount of snacking & drinks
we had a rain delay.
A LONG one.
Abby & Mommy
(and our new friend who used her cell phone the ENTIRE game!)
Cotton candy...
Margarita tasting... :)
Rainy & dreary
The boys are intensely watching...

She made it until almost midnight!
Rain delay & all!
Bloggy love,


Amanda Evans said...

What an awesome view from the stadium! The Cards are Brian's favorite team.

Ryan, Dawn, Calvin & Alayna said...

Way to go Abby, making it through a LONG game! My kids wouldn't have made it that long.