a hiking we will go

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am so sorry I have been neglecting my blogging duties...
I fear I will lose all my readers. Yes, all 2 of you!

So, here I am.
We have been busy, busy.

But we have found a new place that we all love to visit.
It's called Buraksan Park & it's just a few minutes from base.

As Abby sees it now, our hiking adventures include:
Subway sandwiches
Cheetos or the ever popular salt & vinegar Pringles
Oreo Cookies (even though she's not too fond of chocolate cookies!!)

She is my daughter.

Anyway, the weather has been gorgeous & the girls have loved it each time we've gone.
The first time we went, we took the camera.

Here's the crazy path we managed to find the first time we went...
It was quite steep, but beautiful. I love trees.
It's all much clearer now.
Bekah is explaining something very important to us!
Both girlies & their cute dog ears (otherwise known as pigtails!!)
Abby actually hiking :)
Some of the exercise equipment along the main trail
Beks was so cozy
Until...HAHAHA. Lots of Koreans found this humorous!
A beautiful field of flowers...we found this as we were looking for the car!
Bloggy love,

p.s. Aunt Shirley, is this acceptable? :)


Anonymous said...

Mary Jo wants to know if you ever found the car! :) I'd go just for the food. Was good to see Abby hiking - doubt that it happens much! Beks is just too cute! That contraption Abby rides in is pretty amazing! I'm sure Aunt Shirley is thrilled with the update. And we believe you have more readers than 2. I know of at least 6!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Love, that is very acceptable...somehow, those smiling faces of the girls is much, much better than Ken's "you know what". The scenery is beautiful also..I, too, believe you have more than two readers. GAShirley

Anonymous said...

Just to prove you have more than two readers and that you really have 3, I will now comment. I love beks in dog ears. I have never seen her in this look. How fabulous. Abby of course still looks awesome sporting this look for years now. Love, BFF

Amanda Evans said...

I can't believe Beks' hair is long enough to do pony tails! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks from Auntie Sharm for the update as well. The trail looks great. You have lots of readers, and we miss you. The girls are growing up so fast. Can't wait until you are back in the states.