today's excitement

Thursday, July 1, 2010

This girl...
I can't tell you how many times a day I hear,
"NO! ME!"
It's crazy.
So stubborn & so independent...I guess she's so 2!!

Here is the littlest after falling off the step outside GG's house.
Right onto her head.
This picture doesn't do it justice, but you get the idea!
The day started off with Mommy thinking Beks was with Grandma.
She wasn't.
She was up on the stool in the bathroom.
Supposedly brushing her teeth.
Turns out she did that about 3 times
{I'm sure she wasn't eating the toothpaste}...
then, she put on her makeup, washed her hands,
and apparently put her contacts in.
Oh, wait.
I mean she washed my last pair of contacts down the drain
while washing her hands!!

she used half the lotion...
on herself, the floor, her sister, her pjs & probably a few other places we haven't discovered yet.
She's sleeping in the toddler bed for the first time.
And hasn't gotten out.
She is all sorts of contradictions.
This Bekah.

Any bets on if she falls out? :)


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you...I smiled when I read this post! I've had the "I DO IT" around my house for a year now.....X2! It's a wonder we ever get out the door. Glad you guys are back. Can't wait to see you!


Hank and Laura said...

I feel like our kids would relate to each other. I hope you're doing well! It's been a long time since you sold our house for us in FL. I wish you'd move this way again.

Anonymous said...

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