Freaks R Us

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Did you know that being a freak is very time consuming? Oh yes, and usually more expensive too! I can truly say that I have not been in my best form for months now. I am not a good pregnant person. This time around I was sick again and I gained over 70lbs; I've still got a good 40 to lose. Frightening. Anyway, I have managed to let myself go a little more over time--had something to do with showing our house every day back in the states, brand new baby, breastfeeding, traveling to CO, WY & back to IL, moving to Korea...I'm sure there's more. My mom (who wouldn't get out of the car at our local IGA grocery store to get donuts on Saturday morning, IF she didn't have her makeup on!) will tell you that I've never been overly concerned with having makeup on & going out in public in sweatpants. Well, I have gotten better (and so has my mom!), but whew, I am a sight these days. Back to the freak part...I am coloring my hair--right now. Oh no, not with any old box of color. It's with a box I had to special order online because of all the horrible things I have read about hair color. Ignorance is bliss. If I could go back, I would in a heartbeat. I don't even have time to go into all my freakiness right now. We'll just stick to the hair color. Have you been to the Skin Deep cosmetic database??? Go now. Right now. It will freak you out--especially the kids' section. Well, this hair color was one with the lower rankings of potentially harmful chemicals on the website. This is crazy is what step number 6 says, "Apply medium/high heat around processing cap using blow dryer 3-5 times for 5 minutes each. Use more heat for stubborn gray. It is important to apply heat for the best deposition of color." Then step 7, "Hold for 30-40 minutes." SO, is that after the insane blow drying or is that all the same?? If you pay this much for a box of hair color, it better come with a video tutorial. I have no idea how stubborn my gray hair is...I'm going to guess, because it's mine, that it is pretty darn stubborn! :) I had my hair cut today AND I'm getting rid of the gray. Whew. Big beautifying day around here. What happened to the good old days & the good old chemicals--it was worth all the money to have someone else do this. :) Here's to hoping I don't look like a total weirdo after all of this! Off for more blow drying...

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