Our Girls

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abby & Bekah have been jumping on the bed! It's so funny--Bekah LOVES it. Abby had to be bribed to have her picture taken. Why doesn't my big girl want her picture taken anymore?

Funny story...Abby hears people say she has big eyes quite a bit. Well, she told me the other day that she does not have big eyes. She just has normal *little* eyes & she doesn't want people to say they are big. I tried to explain that Mommy has big eyes and that someday she'll like the compliments about them. Abby told me that her eyes WERE NOT BIG and that she didn't like it! Age 3=SASSY!

Bloggy love,


Greg and Shara said...

Hey! I totally dropped the ball on the fabric market! Sorry; have you made it there yet? I did read that you had to take the foil down......who knew we couldn't do that? (I suppose we do now!) I think your blog is cute; there are some super cute ones on this particular site, may change mine up again :)

McClureFamily said...

My grandmother has a similar story only she always got comments on her eyelashes. She remembers being little and people saying, "Those eyelashes!" She decided to stop getting attention for them she would cut them off! Can you imagine? She said they never really grew back.