Early Halloween :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daddy got out the Fall decorations and he found the costumes! Oh the excitement! We are borrowing our cousins' Mich & JJ's lamb costumes. GG Jane made the Lamb Chop costume & now it's Abby's turn to wear it! Here's a fun Lamb Chop clip, if you're interested! Bekah has a smaller lamb costume & will look very cute too--she just hasn't put her's on & thrown herself onto the floor making sick sheep noises! :) It's just a matter of time...

Bloggy love,


Cindy said...

Mallory Lewis Shari's daughter) and Lambchop are appearing in our communtity theater in November. I am so tempted to go.
I love reading your blog. I have Reader so I know when you update. Keep it up. It makes me feel connected.

Anonymous said...

Good thing her Great Grandpa Biehler didn't see this sick sounding little lamb! He probably would have brought her in the house for us to bottle feed! :) Can't wait to see Bekah as a little lamb, too! Mom