Friday's Fab 5

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hi all!
I am going to start doing some postings of 5 random things on Friday...I'll try to include pictures to keep it interesting.

Here are OUR top 5 most visited places on base (give or take!):

1. Dog Relief Area -- Oh yes, I do have pictures (not of the actual...well, never mind). We go out here, rain or times. It seems like an easy task for those of you sitting in your cozy homes. We, however, live on the 10th floor. When I take the dog out, WE ALL GO. We are the literal 3-ring circus. They have designated spots where the dogs are supposed to go to the bathroom; I say supposed to because many people (and even more of their children) have a hard time with this concept. People who move on base get information & they even sign a sheet stating they understand to use the freight elevator with their dog and to not let them go potty in the front of the buildings. Well, apparently that was confusing. Here is what they have done to help us (I thought I had taken some pictures of the "No Pet Allowed" sign, but no such luck!):

Um, yes...someone had to make this sign.

2. Post Office/BX -- We walk over here just about every day. It takes us almost 10 minutes to get there, so it's not far. I love that about's so awesome to be able to walk everywhere. That is one thing I am going to miss about this place; I guess it's good I have another 2 years to enjoy it! I'll try to take some pictures at the BX to give you an idea of what it looks like. It has the post office, bank, shopette/Class 6, Starbucks, food court area, Baskin Robbins, beauty salon, barber shop, and lots of Korean vendors.

3. Commissary -- This is our equivalent of a grocery store (we have them in the states as well, for those of you unfamiliar with the military). It is also close to where we live. We walk & carry our bags home, if we don't need much. Otherwise, it's one of the 2 places I will drive.

4. Our Building -- This probably isn't fair to include, but it will give those of you in the states an idea of where we call home. We are the VERY top balcony here. I would've gone across the street to get a better picture, but I had my little circus with me. :)

5. 51 CES (had to add this one...the girls & I don't go here much, but he gets the shaft on this blog most of the time!) -- The #1 place to find Brad! He spends lots of time here, but he is enjoying being back at base level. Most nights, he comes home to eat & help me get the girls to bed (BLESS HIM!), play a quick game of cribbage, and then he goes back to work...some weeks are worse than others, but overall, it's great to see him every night! :) No pictures of it yet -- I'll try to get some this weekend & post for your viewing pleasure. That way, you can see where it all happens, whatever it is!

Bloggy love,


Anna said...

I was sure the thrift store was going to make the list! I'm so disappointed.

Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy said...

Thrift store would've been my #5...had to throw Brad a bone! :) I may do a Fab 5 on the places I spend my $$, so it will definitely be on that one!