Guam Getaway?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, it seemed like a good idea. Warm weather. Getting out of Korea for a little fun on the beaches of Guam. Hmmm. Where did we go wrong? Oh, let me tell you the story...

Last Sunday, our bags were packed & we headed to the terminal. Off for our first Space-A adventure...just the girls. For full disclosure, there were 6 mommies & 12 kids. This seems a little crazy in retrospect--not to take a trip with that many people, but to try to do it Space-A. But, that might as well be the theme for this trip. We didn't get out the direct flight to Guam. Nope. We waited for the crew to walk through for a last-ditch attempt to talk them into taking us...they were full of cargo & even the brownies my friend Amanda made, didn't get us on that plane.

Not to be dissuaded, we came back for another attempt later that night. Every (and I mean EVERY) bit of good sense I had was screaming, "DO NOT GET ON THIS PLANE." I even told Brad on the way that if I didn't get on the plane, I would either be the one who was REALLY smart or the one who missed out on all the fun. Um, why couldn't I be the really smart one? One of the funnier (?) parts of this part of the trip was a lady (who was waiting for the same plane) that came up while I was checking in to ask the guy working if it was okay to have all these kids running around and going crazy. He asked if she was complaining and she said, "YES!" Well, woman, stick around. We can definitely show you crazy.

The dads...all wondering what the heck we were doing

We did get on the next C-17. I forgot to mention that this plane wasn't a direct flight to Guam like the earlier one. Oh no, it was headed to Kadena & then on to Guam the following day. Our plan was to get on one of the flights to Guam from Kadena the next day. That crew must've thought we were nuts. Oh, and guess who was sitting by us on the plane? That really nice gal who thought our children were out of pressure for the kids to behave, right? I loaded my baby girls on the plane after their bedtime & we were off. Oh, not before I dropped a travel sized kleenex on the flight line. Nice. Abby & Beks were AWESOME on the flight.

This baby was so happy--she smiled like this the whole trip!

Abby and one of her 9 million snacks I brought to keep her occupied!

Big blue eyes enjoying her first C-17 ride!

The gang across from us!

Bekah holding hands with her new buddy, Courtney

Abby cruising around to have a little fun...when did she get so tall?

Beks has no fear

The C-17 ride was one of the highlights. Stayed tuned for the next was one of the lowlights! :)

Bloggy love,