Splish Splash

Monday, March 30, 2009

Well, Beks has a new hobby. She LOVES water and has been finding plenty of it to play in! The first stop...Indy's dog water. I was at the computer the other day & heard noise that sounded like the dog drinking. Well, that was until I heard the baby cackles following the splashing noise! So now, Abby & I police the water situation at the dog bowl. Abby takes this job VERY seriously. Really, she pretty much wholeheartedly embraces any chance she gets to parent Bekah. Whew. Glad someone wants to take charge around here. HA. Anyway, Abby was finishing up her bath and Beks was hanging out by the tub watching her. I head to the laundry room (for 2 seconds!!) to throw the dirty clothes into the hamper. This is what I return to...

I wish I would have had the video button handy...she was not just patting the water. She was wildly smacking the toilet water (right after her bath, I might add!) and laughing hysterically. Oh yes, it bears repeating, she is going to give me all sorts of gray hairs...I can feel it!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

All I can do is laugh and laugh!! Oh, what a merry chase! Thank goodness the toilet is clean! Or at least it looks really clean. Glad Abby has a job to do. Bet she does relish it!! :)