Back in the USA...4th of July!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I love the 4th of July...

We sure wanted to be with Daddy, but it just made sense to go ahead and get started on our jet lag recovery program. We just had to wait for Auntie Beth & J to get home! :) Boy, we didn't know how important that step of the process would be!

So, we landed in Chicago on July 3rd and proceeded to stay up as late as we could that night. The girls both woke up at 1am...we had a snack, watched some TV with Pawpaw, and headed back to bed about 3am. Woohoo.

We jumped out of bed energized and feeling great...hahaha. Well, we got up and put our cheery red, white & blue clothes! That's what counts, right?

Coloring & more coloring...gotta love Color Wonder markers!
Beks & her new best friend, Auntie Beth!
If Beks is upset, take her outside...or better yet, take her outside to SWING!!
Look very closely...Pawpaw fell asleep with Bunny Bunny.
Beks doesn't know quite what to do about the snoring man holding her bunny! :)
Abby's cute self in her 4th of July garb
We had a great day & Abby went to see her first fireworks. Mommy & Beks did not go...crazy! Mommy & Daddy both missed it. Mommy was amazed Abby went by herself--without Mommy. It turns out that it was too loud & she was not a fan! :( After that, we lit some sparklers & headed to bed for another crummy night of sleep!

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