We Love the Zoo...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We never turn down a chance to go to a zoo!

This time, we headed out to the Scovill Zoo in Decatur, IL. I think it's crazy, but I'd never been there before! It isn't very big, but it was perfect for an after lunch adventure. We had lunch at Culver's first...then, on to the zoo!

Bekah didn't used to like ice cream...
They even had a carousel
And a WOLF! :)
Cute little Beks waiting to see the train (and of course trying to scale the railing!)

Rainbow Snow Cone
Another swing
Abby in this big ol' thing! It reminds me of that chair Lily Tomlin used to sit in & do that funny skit...not sure why, but it does!
Can I get an EWWWWWWW? Thankfully, my mom was in the next stall. Beks is going to do this someday & I will be mortified. Mark. My. Word. Mortified.
Abby styling her new Ariel sunglasses (thanks Auntie Beth & the girlies!)
Bloggy love,