oh what a night

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We interrupt the stories from the states to bring you an exciting tale from our night!

{WARNING: Run away NOW if you are squeamish}

So, now that you have been warned, here's the story....

As on many occasions, we started the day out at the BX play area.
From there, we headed over to Camp H's water park.

What a fun afternoon!!

The girls had a great time=Mommy had a great time! :)

We headed home to make dinner, and the girls were in excellent moods...
especially with no naps!!

Abby was in rare form with Beks; she entertained her for a LONG period of time.
See the fun they were having?

Too cute...Abby was saying, "super hero girls."
"Here we come..."

They were running around with colanders and pots on their heads--it was hilarious!
{no video, bad Mommy!}

They even let Indy in on the fun...doesn't he look thrilled?
So after I had all the chop chop chopping done for our big steak salad {yum},
the girls decided to go ahead & take their bath.

It seemed like a great idea...get the bath done before Daddy gets home.
More time to play in the tub.
Spend time with Daddy before bed.
No fight to get pjs on.


I get the girls in the tub & Beks is happy. Which is a rare occurrence in the tub these days, so I should've seen it coming. I stood up to get the towel from behind the door...I look down, & quietly tell Abby I need to take her out of the bath.


I run to the kitchen to get something to get the poo out of the tub.
Grabbed a ladle.
Grabbed a big spoon.
Settled for a big measuring cup...
Abby is streaking down the hall naked yelling, "CODE BROWN" and laughing her head off.
She's sopping wet & about ready to bust it.
I tell her to head back to the bathroom...

we left the baby in the poo water!
Argh. Gross.
I was in such a toot to get the poo out, I forgot her.
Poor baby.
Okay, as I was cleaning the poop up and sanitizing the bath toys and the shower...I didn't really feel too sorry for her!!

Needless to say, that's why I just ate a chocolate chip cookie at 10:30 at night.
I wanted to turn to the wine, but I was so tired that had I drank it, the bathroom would have suffered. I did not need to wake up to such a thing.

How is it that Abby has never had a code brown.
And Beks. She has had 2. She's only 16 months old, people.
I'm done with them.

Daddy's turn!

{aren't you thankful I didn't take a picture?}

Bloggy love,


Hank and Laura said...

I completely relate to your post!

Anna Jane Edgar said...

Ohhhh, how relaxed Charlie got during bathtime from about 15-20 months, lol. And it was always on poor Dan's watch. The image of Abby streaking down the hall screaming had me rolling!

Anna said...

I want to know what you did with the measuring cup afterwards.

Momma Lene said...

Oh, that is funny! Diana thinks pictures would have been good! I think we can all use our imagination. The pictures of the "supergirls" and their little dog are "super" cute!

Amanda said...

I have been in the same boat. Connor never did it so of course my sweet girl had to do it and connor was in the tub also. Motherhood is so much fun!

Amanda Evans said...

I am laughing so hard right now. You SHOULD have taken a picture! LOL! Be thankful it wasn't runny poop. Parker has done that and then it is like a chocolate bath! Haha!