Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hodgepodge pictures...
Just some random cuteness!!

Not that we ever have any of that around here! :)

Oh look they're both in a boat...
isn't that cute?

It was cute until I had to push them around in it for 30 minutes, and lost all feeling in my back!
Next time, we splurge for a motor.
This is SO Beks!
Taking my grandma on errands.
One thing I love about back home,
you can just go to someone's house and get fresh fruit & veggies.

Here she is picking up some zucchini. Gonna try a new casserole recipe.
I love my grandmas.
My friend Jennifer's daughter Regan. She is adorable.
Here she is showing Bekah the ropes at the fair.

Bloggy love,