note to self

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm a little slow.

That pretty much covers it, but you know I'm going to tell you more.
I am not a fast paced kinda gal...
sure, I'm busy, but that's different.
I don't do anything fast.
I procrastinate. Badly.
I also spend too much time on the computer. Imagine that.

So, here are the Thanksgiving outfits I finished 10 minutes before our guests arrived!
Oh, and that was because I hadn't done button holes on this machine before.
{And I waited until the last minute!}

Beks & her candy cane smile :)
Abby was pretty big on her.
But it twirled!!

25 hair clips for our MOPS silent auction.
It brought in like $45 people.
No pictures on the 3 aprons, 1 taggie blanket, 1 taggie chewy...
and I'm not done.
More aprons, cowgirls outfits, skirts, jumpers...
have I told you lately that I love buying fabric in Korea?
Love it.
Have more deliciousness stacked in the laundry room!
Who needs sleep? :)
I do...I have turned into my mother. Off to bed!
{But Mom, I made it until 11!}

Bloggy love,


Your Momma said...

Very cute outfits! But not sure how you turned out so goofy - I gave up doing crafts years ago!! Sleep is sooo good! Hope you get it all done. I'm sure it will be fine whether you do or not!! :)

Hank and Laura said...

Speaking of taggie 3 year old still sleeps with his. I don't know what we would have done without it. Thanks again for the awesome baby present.