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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

While Abby was at Cubbies tonight,
Beks and I did a little grocery shopping.

Indy dog got a new bag of food,
so you can imagine the excitement of my #1 dog feeder!!
We got home and all she could say was,
"Feed Indy. FEED INDY."
So, she helped me put his food in his bowl.
{minus a small amount due to OTHER items he stole throughout the day!!!}

Then I continued to put the groceries away.
It was entirely too quiet.
I asked Beks what she was doing...
she responded by muttering something about Indy's water.
I told her to please stop playing in it,
continuing to organize my refrigerator.

Hmmm...not the smartest move.
So here is what she was doing...
While Indy was eating,
she took food from his food bowl & moved it into his water bowl.
She was VERY proud of herself!
Indy tried to make the best of it,
but I thought it a little unkind to make him bob for his food!

This child is going to be some kind of fun!

Bloggy love,


Lain said...

I bet Indy didn't even mind. ;)

Amanda Evans said...


Grandma Lene said...

And she's just so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Nutro is the BEST! And what a clever little girl she is!-BFF

Leslie said...

thanks for coming to my blog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck. i am flattered that you liked my blog.

Anonymous said...
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