**update** bunny, bunny

Monday, February 1, 2010

this crazy rabbit is going to be the death of me.
today, i had a meeting. we left with bunny.
did bunny come home with us? no.
why am i not smarter than this by now?
we got home {with our super healthy burger king meal!}
and he was nowhere to be found.
did beks nap? no.
did that make mommy happy? no.
did it make mommy eat her words from before? {see below}
i take it back. i love that dirty little bunny.
that bunny makes me happy. so happy. his disgusting dirtiness now makes me giddy.
i went to pick him up...when i returned, bek's delight was adorable.
she then spent the next 2 hours pushing him around in the stroller & talking quietly to him.
i spoke quietly to him on the way home. it wasn't so sweet.
i take it back...i really don't want to lose bunny. ever. again.

just so no one worries...we still have that nasty special rabbit. he's like the dog from spin city. seriously. i know it would bring me some grief to lose him for good, but he's filthy. disgustingly so. beks even tries to throw him in the washing machine herself.

bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Doesn't bunny, bunny has a twin brother somewhere? Could both go in the washer and only one come out?? :) Can I pretend Sarah sent this one??

Brad, Brooke, Abigayle, Rebekah and Indy said...

Yes, Bunny Bunny is a triplet...it matters not. HE is the special one. But, I wouldn't lose any sleep (or would I!) if this one disappeared! :)

Amanda Evans said...

That bunny is like chucky. haha!

Helen said...

Jack has misplace Marmalade the Cat so many times. He did it the other day at Toys R Us and the employees ransacked the store until they found it and called us. They have my loyalty from now on. We have clones, too. Unfortunately, one is slightly more worn than the other and he now knows that there are clones. So it makes no difference. Kids are so funny.