thailand: day 6. {we were there for 7 days...if you were wondering}

Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, we didn't do much on day 6. HAHAHA. Sorry. We did lots each day. It's really quite impressive what 2 kids who nap can handle for 7 days. No naps. That's right. None. I guess I should tell you that we forced Beks to scream herself to sleep in the room for 2 naps, but it was so stressful, I'm not sure I can call them naps. ANYWAY, on to New Year's Eve in Thailand, baby!

Market shopping...I love me some shopping. Fun, fun shopping. {have I mentioned that I loved shopping in Thailand?}
Hot Springs
Dinner cruise on the Ping River
Light our own fireworks & floating fire laterns
Bring in the new year with our children awake...this wasn't on Kim's original itinerary, but it was what ended up happening. Party girls.

The drop off at the market...
having a driver was awesome!

What is YOUR favorite kind of bug?
I like the bigs ones in the middle the very best!
Their flowers at the market made the flower market here seem expensive!
Where I found all sorts of goodies!
{Should have bought more clothes!}
These markets were amazing!
So much to see...not enough time!
Where Brad got most of his new comfort clothes!
Now, we just have to wait for the warm weather!
Here we are at the hot springs...
Pistismai knowing what to do!
Let's boil some eggs!
They are cooked. Time to cool them off!
Just so you know...
The finished product...Abby is off to find some fish sauce! :)
{It ends up that we didn't get to swim at the hot springs. One side was very busy, so we went to the less busy portion. Unfortunately, the side we visited just had bathtubs you could get into, so Abby didn't like that idea. Instead, she talked Mommy into getting into the COLD outdoor pool at the hotel!}

Tuk tuk ride...woohoo!
We have been to Thailand now!
Our boat!
Beautiful dinner on the water! Loved it!
Abby & her Shirley Temple...
special drink she has had only one other time {Hawaii!}.
Everyone but Daddy!
This girl can put some noodles away!
Another new found love...
Abby & her fish sauce!
I think we were on appetizers here...
Abby enjoying the cruise!
No wonder she made it until midnight!! :)
Beks & her silly faces
One of the more memorable events...
lighting the fire lanterns & watching them float into the sky.
Well, we had to clear the power lines first!
It was truly amazing though;
incredible to see how many of them were in the sky.
Possibly Abby's best question of the trip,
"Mommy, is that how stars are made?"
That's how many of them were in the sky! Amazing.

Some of the funnier videos from Thailand...and they happen to be with the big kids.
Brad & Unc! :)

One more day...stick with me. We're almost there. Off to bed now.

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

We are hoping to see Brad in some of his new comfy clothes! What is fish sauce - is it kinda like soy sauce? Once again, I have to say what a trip! And I can see why Abby loves Uncle Kim's friend! :)