The Christmas Dog

Sunday, January 4, 2009

After reading this, I have decided, our family has the same issue. We live on the top floor of our building & life isn't so great for our four-legged family member these days. Not enough exercise & 2 little girls who make all sorts of noise & pull his hair out...not to mention the Wii makes him CRAZY. I mean CRAZY. It's a rough life around here. We just couldn't imagine coming without him. He has mellowed quite a, but he's still a big ol' puppy. :)

Anyhow, this dog LOVES Christmas. He is hilarious. Indy & Abby fight over opening presents. He just started taking presents from under the tree and unwrapping them. This brought down the wrath of Abby. Fortunately, Pawpaw & Grandma came prepared, and he had another gift under the tree from his Uncle Bill & Auntie Sharm! It is fun to watch him run from person to person & get so excited. Here he is...(photos taken by Uncle Ben on his much-faster-than-his-older-sister's camera!)

He's always in the middle of things...even while napping!

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Anonymous said...

I love this dog. He is my buddy and i hope you have something in your will about me being His godmother. Dodger was just like this. We missed him this Christmas when we were opening gifts. :o( Love~BFF