Our Special Morning

Friday, January 2, 2009

Since Pawpaw, Grandma & Uncle Ben had to leave on the 21st, we had decided to go ahead and have a morning of gift opening so that they could be here. It was very fun and we were so happy to have such a special treat--the best gift of all was their visit!

The sisterly choke hold

Pawpaw found a fancy new hat for Uncle Ben. Grandma thought it was going to frighten him! Little did she know...

Everyone liked it! Why didn't I get one? Hmmm...

Hey there, cowboy

Mario Kart -- does anyone know if there is a 12-Step Program for this?

New tradition=doughnuts for breakfast!
1. Refrigerated biscuits (I get the smaller ones...Grands are okay, but they make BIG doughnuts)
2. Heat oil in a pan (or better yet, FRY DADDY)
3. Make a nice cooling rack, as Uncle Ben did, above right :)
4. Have your goodies ready...cinnamon & sugar was our favorite. We also had: pink sugar, various Christmas decorations, icing, etc.
5. Find something small enough to cut the middle of the biscuit out & don't forget to cook the doughnut holes!
6. Go for it. It's easy. I was going to make some incredibly difficult rolls for breakfast & that didn't happen. Turns out, we were just as happy with our new treat!

Bloggy love,

p.s. I'm off the doughnuts for now...enjoy them for me! :)


Amanda Evans said...

Yum! This fits in line with my New Year's diet! ha!

Anonymous said...

The donuts are evil! You should not tell people about them. What did we use to make the hole?? :)

Here , There and Everywhere said...

Happy New Year To all of you. I hope you don't mind but I added you to my list of blogs I read. I love your blog and the kids are so cute!!! Hope you guys had a happy holiday!!!!
Love, Susan