Random Pictures from the PGUB Trip...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dad snapped this & they asked him to not take anymore. Weird, because I have taken them before & no one has said a word. So, no close-up pictures of the shrimp burger or bulgolgi burger!
Abby by the Happy Meal toys

Bekah & her UB
(not sure what happened to her hair bow on the headband...it just manages to look like a baby sweatband!)

The whole gang (okay, minus Pawpaw)

Abby is awesome with the trainer chopsticks...she was eating Cheerios with them today, along with her Thai for dinnerBeks & the crazy hair...again!

Pawpaw feeding the monster baby

Fun times at Popeyes off base...not exactly the same menu you'll find in the states. Mom had a shrimp burger & it was pretty good--even had a kick to it!

The real Major Johnson

Tolerating a picture :)

Trying some of her powers on UB...it usually works, as long as she's polite!

Pawpaw enjoying his birthday coconut cream pie!

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Anonymous said...

Grandma Lene could use some trainer chopsticks! Lucky for me I have 10 fingers. I used them a lot on this trip! :) The shrimp burgers at Popeye's were yummy - wish I could get them here.

Anna said...

Papaw looks exactly like my dad, right down to the coconut cream pie. He's an addict!