i may shed a tear...

Monday, June 14, 2010

or 2.
or have a good old fashioned cry.

i am leaving the land of fabric.
tragic. {yes, i'm a relatively dramatic person}
but, it is a sad realization...

i will no longer be able to venture into a large warehouse or into a 5-story building to buy fabric from 1,oooW (.80) to 5,000W ($4 something) a yard. minkee is about 7,000W! won't find that in the good ol' usa.
no worries. i have stockpiled.

and i've heard before that walt disney world
is the happiest place on earth.
i think not.
no freaky costumed people here.
koreans following me around with coffee. yes.
do you see the happy?
and more happy...how can you stand it?
truly amazing how much i fit into my little basket.
it. was. heavy. HEAVY.
i said good-bye on saturday. boo. hoo.
and the exciting news...charlotte made her first trip to dongdaemun. so happy to visit it my last time with her!

the first trip is always overwhelming. she was able to overcome it & bought a few things!
kellie...she is modeling one of the MANY headbands they have on this floor.
it is crazy. another thing i'll miss--especially with 2 girlies!
RIBBON. hair accessories. ribbon. sewing tools. fabric.
did i mention ribbon?
our fabric shopping crew...brave ladies ventured out in the rain.
the sacrifice. :)
we found a restaurant at dongdaemun this trip. um, it's good we were unaware of this earlier--i would have gotten my energy back & kept on spending money. worked out well on the rainy day.
l-r: kavita, janelle, charlotte, susan & kellie
hey, they had a list of what was on each floor.
we thought you just aimlessly walked around.
get lost.
walk the same area 4 times.
craziness. way too organized.

so, that's it. that's all the fabric.
{okay, so i may make one more trip to happy quilt, but we shall see. shhhh...it'll be our little secret!}

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

And you wonder how your possessions gained weight in Korea! Bet Brad doesn't question it!! See you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just happened across your blog. I too am in Korea(Camp Humphreys) and LOVE Happy Quilt!! I just had a quick question for you. I have been to Dongdaemun numerous times, but can't seem to find the minky fabric. I saw it once but didn't write down the stall. It would help me out bunches if you could point me in the right direction!!

My email is jessicabrocato@Yahoo.com