so proud

Monday, June 14, 2010

She did it!
14 days. {because Mommy is slow, this was over 2 weeks ago!}
No more finger sucking...
it was as hard on Mommy as it was for Abby.
It just seemed like the last baby thing she did...and it was cute.
Her little hook 'em horns are a thing of the past.

she's 5 now.
It was time.
She had a chart & was working for her American Girl goodies!
Traditional Abby picture...

Celebration dinner at Chili's!
No surprise there! :)
This cake was gone in under 5 minutes...I'll have to time it next time.

We are going to pick out her American Girl reward in Chicago.

Mommy Abby can't wait!
A little tea party.
A little shopping.
Should be a very special day for her!

Bloggy love,


Anonymous said...

Abby is one funny girl. Can't wait to go to American Girl - I love tea!! :) Hope Abby knows how much trouble/work twins will be! Looks like Beks enjoyed the celebration, too! I was amazed that stuff worked so well but then I was in Illinois so it all seems like magic! See you soon! Love - Mom

Anonymous said...

I hadn't see this photo of Abby as a baby, it's funny how she looked exactly the same with those fingers in at 5. We miss you guys. Athena is trying to figure out who is going to be her friend. Anastassia.