Hometown Holiday Greeting Fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our little family walked over to be filmed for one of those Hometown Holiday Greetings that they play in the states over the holidays...just thought it would be fun to say "hi" to our loved ones back home & that way, they could see the girls. It seemed simple enough. Well, Abby started in on how she wasn't going to look at the camera & talk--on & on she went. She wanted me to hold her; she didn't want me to hold Bekah. Brad wasn't too keen on the idea to begin with, so I'm sure he was enjoying it all because HE had to hold her. Abby was true to her word; she would not say "Merry Christmas" or "I miss you" or anything that we bribed her to say. Yes, we bribed, and she did not fulfill her end of the bargain. After we were done, the first thing she asked was what her special treat was going to be. I told her that she has to do what we ask her to do for the special treat, and since she didn't, she wouldn't get the treat. Take out some paper...these are some parenting skills you don't want to miss. Anyway, on the walk home, Abby says to me, "Mommy, if you would have held me, I would have said whatever you asked me to say." Nice. See, she IS learning something. Here is a video of what transpired after we got home:

Daddy thought that last part was especially funny!

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Helen said...

A bitter pill. --Helen

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Darling...and a Happy New Year! Can I have my treat now?--Auntie Fairy GodMother