Our First Trip to Seoul

Monday, September 15, 2008

What a fun girls' day out! There were 3 mommies & 4 little girls! :) We went to two places I have been wanting to go to very badly. First. we went to Dongdaemun. Oh my...where to start. It was wonderful & overwhelming at the same time. You definitely need a plan or you won't be able to stop drooling & pick anything out. It is a HUGE 5-story building with everything you can imagine as far as crafty items go....fabrics, notions, yarn, beads, etc. It was wonderful & I can't wait to go back--with a plan! :) Here are some pictures:

Dongdaemun from the outside...
Rows & rows and floors & floors of goodies...

Gorgeous curtains that I looked at for Abby

Here we are shopping

On the way back to the car...look at all the motorcycles/scooters!

Bekah's 1st big girl high chair experience

Drum roll...

It's the flower market! We were in a hurry, so this is the best picture I got. Oh my goodness!! This place is so wonderful...I'm going to be addicted. I got a bunch of lilies (that are smelling yummy today!) for 4,ooo won (less than $4), so I was happy. I also got Abby a bunch of pink roses & her very own vase for her room. It's cute. Can't wait to go back...it's not that far away, so look out! I should have my license on Wednesday, so I'll try to get brave & venture out! :)

Bloggy love,