They Killed My Rabbit

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My poor, poor bunny rabbit. He was so cute. Somehow, the movers managed to puncture him in his side. Luckily, he had a tag on his back...he comes from the land of The weird thing is, I had no idea he was made out of stone. Or that he was hollow. I am ordering a new one tonight. I guess I should order the piece of the crib they broke too! Probably isn't a very motherly think to order my cute bunny before the crib part. In my defense, I have tried to order the crib piece, but when I called, their computers were down (and Bekah doesn't really mind her pack n play)! :) Here's the sad bunny:

In other news, things are really starting to get busy around here. It's a different kind of busy than usual. This year, I am just involved in activities as a participant (with the exception of one thing!), so it feels a little weird. I am so exhausted with Bekah getting up in the middle of the night again, that it's probably a good thing. We started Bible study & MOPS this week...I also volunteered at the Thrift Store. It's been fun, but a bit tiring with poor Bekah. She needs her morning nap in a quiet place. That means she has been torturing the nursery workers. If you don't mind carrying her everywhere, it's not a problem! I'm just praying I get her on a schedule of some sort soon. Poor #2 is tortured in ways #1 never had to experience!

Getting ready to buy my dad, mom & brother's tickets to come visit us in December. Very exciting! Abby asked when they would be coming, and I explained it would be a little over 3 months. She told me that she thought 3 months was too long from now! It's not easy going from seeing your Papaw & Grandma practically every weekend to 2 times a year! We're just happy we're going to have visitors.

Gotta go exercise, read my Bible study & unpack boxes until Brad gets home from work. He's been working like crazy. We hope to go on a date soon--maybe on this 3-day weekend (it's Korean Thanksgiving)! :) I hope Bekah doesn't scare all the babysitters off...

I will do my best to take photos of more things around base & off base, so you can get an idea of what it is like here. My camera doesn't always make it into my bag. I'm taking a little trip tomorrow, so I'll try to remember to snap some shots then!

Bloggy love,